My husband and I were surprised to find out that Kaia has already been teething. We noticed that she was a lot fussier, drooling, hand in her mouth and just not acting like her normal self. We had gone away on a staycation for Thanksgiving and couldn’t figure out what was wrong. We didn’t think it would start so early at 3 months old, but when we read up on it, sure enough, she was teething. We even saw the white spots on her bottom and upper gums. It was a tough staycation to say the least.

Has anyone else dealt with an early teething baby? It’s definitely not easy and stressful just trying to get baby to feel comfortable. Over the course of the weeks, we’ve had some practice in trying to get her comfortable with the pain that we wanted to share what has helped us.


Here are 5 tips for early teethers:

Breastfeed Your Baby

Kaia really wanted comfort; so nursing really helped to soothe her. Although, I have heard that sucking does aggravate some babies. Just try it and see if it will work with your baby.

OTC Pain Reliever

Ask your pediatrician first, especially for early teethers like Kaia. Our pediatrician gave us the ok and it helped her sleep through the night, instead of her screaming in the middle of the night. We gave her baby Tylenol and our pediatrician said she could take 2.5ML up to 4 times a day as needed for pain. (This was a huge help for her to sleep)


Hyland’s Baby Teething Tablets

We heard these were great from a mother that experienced the same thing and we tried these with Kaia. It dissolves under the tongue and supposed to be more of a natural relief.


Frozen Washcloth

This came in handy when we didn’t have her teethers with us. Just get a washcloth and dip it in water and put in the freezer for 30 minutes. It will give baby to gnaw on it and massage the gums.


Teethers are such a huge help! There are so many of them to choose from and we love the teethers from Dr. Brown’s, because they have been developed by a pediatric dentist and have helped us tremendously in her teething stage. They have 4 different varieties:


Flexees- This super-durable teether are made for biting and chewing that has a variety of texture combinations to stimulate the gums and mouth. Freezer safe. (Kaia loves these and she holds them in her hand as they have a little grip)


Orthees- These help massage sore gums and relives mouth pressure during teething. This is ideal for front and back teething and helps the jaw to develop as baby transitions to biting, chewing and speech. Freezer safe.


Coolees- These fruit shaped teethers are made to hold cold and to soothe sore gums to reach all parts of the jaw to provide cool, lasting comfort. Solid, flexible teether relieves mouth pressure and disperses mouth pain. Freezer safe.


Ridgees- Animal shaped textured surfaces ease sore gums during all stages of teething. Reaches all areas of the mouth, including back molars. It has firm edges that massage the gums while soft surfaces provide pressure relief for erupting teeth. Freezer safe.


Do you have any other recommendations that helped you? If so, please share! Hope our tips will help soothe and comfort your teething baby! XX