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I’ve been sporting the mom hair do since having Kaia. You know the ponytail look with my hair just looking like a hot mess! My hair is super wavy and frizzy and I honestly don’t have the time to blow dry my hair, let alone take a shower. Any other moms feel this way too? I’ve always been the well-put together girl that loves doing hair and makeup, but now that I’m a mom, it’s all been put on the back burner.

I found out about the Brazilian Blowout Treatment from my girlfriend who is also a mom and she raved at how amazing this treatment was. The Brazilian treatment is a hair smoothing treatment used to straighten hair without causing any damage to the hair follicles. The treatment bonds the protein to the outer layer of the hair, which help smooth, protect, soften and relax the hair. It removes frizz, add shine, seals the color, and decreases blow dry time, which is a huge bonus for me!

She said that this treatment was life changing for her and I knew had to get on this asap to get rid of my mom hair… I made an appointment at Paris Green Hair Salon with a sweet lady named, Worreen a few weeks ago. It’s a cute little boutique hair salon is in Kailua and everyone that works there is super friendly. (Kinda reminds me of the movie Barber Shop- haha!) This is a 2-hour process depending on your hair length, so you do need to carve out a little time for this.

She first washed my hair and did a deep cleansing to remove all the build-up. After washing my hair, she applied this amino acid serum like all throughout my hair while this vacuum machine sucks in the chemical smell, so you won’t smell anything. (I even wore these special goggles too!) While the product was evenly distributed throughout my hair, she then blow dried my hair and flat-ironed it. One last time, she washed my hair and did a deep conditioning mask and dried and flat-ironed my hair one last time. The final look was ahhmazing!!!

I absolutely loved the look of this treatment. My hair color seemed more vibrant, shiny, amazingly soft, frizz free and smooth! It looked so chic and I love that there is no down time. You can immediately wash it or play in the ocean without having any hair disruptions. I really like that this treatment will last for three months and it’s not damaging to the hair at all.

It’s been two weeks since receiving this treatment, I swear by this treatment! If really enjoyed not having to blow dry my hair and my hair looking as if I had it professionally blow-dried for that smooth, chic look. I highly recommend this for anyone looking for a smoothing treatment that improves the condition of the hair and eliminates frizz and adds a radiant shine. It’s great for all hair types too! (For my hair length, the cost would be around $250)

Visit and call Worreen at 808.321.8809 for your next appointment!