I can’t believe our little Baby Kaia is 5 months old! She’s getting so big and every day it’s been something new with her…

She’s been eating food now and bananas are her favorite. My husband got me a Vita Mix for my birthday, so I’ve been making all of her food so that its natural and fresh. (Btw- if we are eating and she doesn’t get any, she gets so upset. And she opens her mouth wide when you take a bite thinking she’s going to get a bite too. It’s so funny!)

Kaia is sitting so well now and hates laying down. All she wants to do is sit up. She’s graduated from her swing, which is so sad. Ha! That was like our little babysitter and helper when I needed to cook and clean. 

She’s wanting to crawl, but has yet to make that stride. She gets so frustrated because all she wants to do is move! We think by two weeks, she will be crawling. Yikes, I need to start baby proofing some stuff. As new parents, we are learning every day.

One thing we have mastered is her sleep schedule. Yes!!!! She goes to bed at 7:30 p.m. and sleeps through the night with maybe one quick feeding around 4:30 a.m. and she goes back to sleep. It’s so nice to have some adult time with the hubs at night. We get to catch up on all of our favorite shows and relax. 

Kaia now knows her name and every time you say it, she will turn to you. It’s the cutest thing. She’s a morning person just like me and always wakes up with a huge smile. Going to bed, not so much… We’ve been breaking the habit of nursing her to sleep. We want her to be able to go to bed on her own and last night was the first night she didn’t cry. Thank goodness! 

I’m writing this in bed, in the dark before she wakes up to get our day started. Btw- how cute is her haku (flower crown in Hawaiian)?!?! Omg. I die. Haha! Have a great day everyone.