Aloha IFS readers! I took a little digital detox and it felt so good! As much as I love blogging, sometimes it’s good to step away and truly enjoy all the little moments in life. When Kaia turned 1, I couldn’t believe where the time went. It was so crazy that a year had already gone by. Speaking of birthday, I’ve been so busy planning her party for this weekend… Please DO NOT RAIN! (I will be sure to show you some behind the scenes on Insta and Snap) Her theme is so fun and for the adults, it’s the end of summer event. Ha!

Since the digital detox, I will give you some personal updates on us… Kaia and I have been asked to be ambassadors for Dr. Brown’s again this year, along with my sister and her new baby Rhys, so that will be really fun for both of us to do together. We are in the process of re-designing the blog and can’t wait to show you the new look and we’re going to be adding video content! I’m so into videos now, what about you? I’ve got another little secret project coming up, but will let you know, as the time gets closer. 😉

We just had Kaia’s one-year check-up and she is 25 lbs and 31.5 inches long. She is well above her percentile for growth, so I’m excited to see how tall she’s going to be. Kaia still has one piercing blue eye and prominent green eye, which people constantly stop us and amazed at her heteorochromia eyes. She was an early walker at 10 months old and now running! We just got her to wear shoes yesterday at many attempts and thank Robeez shoes, because she didn’t mind having these on her feet.

It was really tough having her as an early walker, because we honestly weren’t ready for it. We had furniture that was obviously not baby proof and those items are now in our storage room, including our beautiful marble coffee table. We really needed something that was plush to rest our feet on, eat and set stuff on, so we opted for a pouf from Nook. It’s a really sturdy ottoman that we can use for all the things our marble table did, but now baby proof friendly so we don’t have to worry about her hitting her head on.


Not only is this great for us to use in our living room, the pebble pouf makes for additional seating and a play table for her where she reads her books or even climb on. I really like that it’s portable and the cover is 100% organic and hypoallergenic, made from super soft eucalyptus and cotton. If we spill anything on it, it has a zip-off cover that we can just throw in the wash. I highly recommend this to parents that need an option to use other than your typical hard surface coffee table or end table that is safe and gives you a piece of mind.




You can see Kaia and I using it many different ways and love the colors it comes in to give it a nice pop of color added to any room. Our cat loves sleeping on it and acts like it’s her tower. I wish I had a photo of it. I’m a huge fan of Nook and shared other products I’ve used from them including their Niche Feeding Pillow and LilyPad Playmat. I really wish they would come out with a huge rug, because the material is so soft! What furniture pieces do you use that is baby friendly?

Have a great Monday!!

Kaia’s outfit // Kickee Pants Romper in Swan Princess (LOVE LOVE Kickee Pants and their super soft material)

My outfit // Bellabumbum Tallulah Robe