Life is too short to be unhappy. So cliché, but so true. Many times we often get so carried away with day-to-day life and always focusing on what we don’t have rather than focusing on the good: our health, friends and family, roof over our heads, hot meals and just being loved. Every so often, I think we all need to remind ourselves how lucky we are to be able to walk, see, use our hands, etc. Be happy. Enjoy life. Surround yourself with people that lift you up, encourage you, teach you, and become better than who you already are. Be a positive soul to you and others. If you met yourself, would you like yourself?

I know there are times where we have those awful days, especially when PMS is in session, but try these things to lift your spirits:

Wear a kick-ass red lipstick- this is an automatic mood changer!

Compliment someone- make someone else’s day and that energy will come right back to you.

Smile at strangers- eye contact and a smile says a thousand words without even talking.

Redecorate your home or room- feng shui can do a lot of your balance of energy as you spend a lot of your time in your space.

Volunteer your time- so many people out there need assistance, it will make you feel so good about yourself that you are trying to better your community.

Go outside and go for a walk, surf session or bike ride- there’s never been anyone that’s done a workout who regrets it afterwards.

If you did answer no to the question above, go to Barnes and Noble and read some self-help books with a cup of coffee.

They always say the best things in life are free. For the holidays, be cheerful and thankful. Yesterday, we went to the sunflower fields and they are currently in bloom for the next few weeks and were lucky enough to see these beauties. It’s the little things in life that makes us happy.

What makes you happy?





 Location // North Shore Sunflower Fields

Dress // Saha Swimwear

Drone Video and Photos // Kenji Croman