It’s always fun hearing of a new brand, especially when it comes to nail polish. Not until a few years ago, I used to be so boring with my nails. Every week it was the same ole pale pink. I think because it just looked clean, matched any wardrobe and if it chipped, well you could hardly tell.

Well, I’ve retired that nail color and been having fun with my nails from LAQA&Co. They offer a range of colors that are fun, sassy and chic. Before my trip to Italy, I was wearing their fun summer colors pictured below and got to chat with the founder, Georgina from her NY based cosmetic brand. Read my interview with LAQA&Co. and see what they are all about!


How did the brand evolve? We love that this is a perfect line for the girl on-the-go!

Well we kind of hacked the beauty industry to create products we wanted – bright but wearable colors, easy application. But we also wanted something more in line with chicks today and their entrepreneurial spirit. To let them in behind-the- scenes and involved in the making of the brand. Because if we can inspire other women to see what they’re capable of while wearing hot tangerine lips, then we’ve done our job.

What is behind the name LAQA&Co.?

LAQA is shorthand for Laquer, as in polish and overall lady shuzzing. And the “Co” refers to all the amazing artists we collaborate with.


What are the top best sellers that you just can’t seem to keep on the shelves?

Anything Lip Lube! We launched this new line 6 months ago and immediately sold out! Menatour in particular has been a big seller as it’s an easy shade for anyone to wear. Our Polish Remover Pads are always a strong seller too!


Any plans on expanding the line?

Yes! We’re in the middle of developing new goodies right now – look for EYE from us in 2015!!


Any nail trends and colors that we should see in the fall?

Take our word, Red Brown will take off this fall into winter. We also have a totally edgy cool grey with a hint of shimmer in it – so great to contrast with winter coats when they’re needed soon.

What are your must-haves that everyone should try?

The Lip Lube pencils really are a must have – the sheer color is buildable to whatever intensity you’re feeling that morning. It also had a hit of mint that I’m totally addicted to!!


What can we see from LAQA&Co. in the future?

We’ll be moving into more color cosmetics, expanding on the lip and nail already established. And more co-creation. We’re the only brand! Letting our customers in behind-the-scenes and involved in the making of the products and brand, and we’ll continue to do that will names and in the future helping us decide even what products to bring to market.


Who is the LAQA&Co. girl?

Our customers are pretty go-getters! They really are beauty experimenters and we love that. We try and instagram all the cool things the laydeez are doing with LAQA  – @laqaandco


Share one of your top secret beauty tips.

Coconut oil for the hair! It’s great for protecting it, and I use before swimming. It leaves it manageable and smelling amazeballs.

We love that you feature young artists on your packaging to get their work out there and they get a percentage of the profits sold. That’s brilliant and really admire companies like yourself that incorporate this type of partnership. How did you get started with this? If there is a young artist reading this, how do they start this process with you?

Well thank you! We are very proud of the collaborative mission we have. We’ve done it from the very beginning and saw our packaging as a platform to get the great artists out there some more exposure. We love that it also connects our customers to all this great art happening in the world, and maybe even inspires them.


Visit to see their hottest colors for fall. Those nail polish remover wipes are a must-have and perfect for your purse or traveling. Who likes seeing chipped color nails? No Bueno…. 😉