We recently caught up with the gorgeous mom, model/health and fitness coach, Melissa Wood-Tepperberg on an exclusive interview for our #BossLady series. You might have seen her grace a few pages from Shape, Fitness or Women’s Health magazines or if you follow her on Instagram, she shares her balanced, healthy lifestyle with a touch of glam showing off her luxurious locks that we are all dying to have! She is just one of the many mamas we enjoy following and wondering just how in the world does she do it all? Not only is she a wife and mama to 19-month old Benjamin, she is serious #MomGoals who makes us want to eat a plant-based diet, meditate and do her full body workouts that she just launched on fitner app.

Meet Melissa Wood-Tepperberg.

Melissa Wood, Melissa Wood-Terpperberg, heath and wellness coach, fitner app

What inspired you to become a health and wellness coach?

I have always been into health and wellness but my relationship to myself was not always so healthy. I was living a life of what, “I thought I should be doing” and never felt comfortable in my own skin before enrolling in The institute for integrative nutrition. During IIN it all became very clear to me throughout that this was my calling. I had such an unhealthy understanding of what being healthy really meant. I suffered from horrible anxiety, cystic acne, and an eating disorder for many years so developing a healthy relationship with myself took a lot of patience and disciplined work. This is the work that I share with my clients and followers. I believe it’s never too late to do what you would have done. 

How do you manage your busy schedule with you being a mom, health and wellness coach, yoga teacher, model and enjoy personal time?

I’ve gotten really good with time management, thanks to my husband Noah. He taught me that time is money and spending your time doing things that don’t serve you is a waist of time. I truthfully enjoy every aspect of my life now because I’m doing things that light me up. So I create time and space for everything that’s a priority for me. Taking great care of myself is top in my list because it makes me better in every aspect of me life. Especially as a mother and wife.

You’ve got a killer body! There is always so much pressure to lose the baby weight after giving birth. What advice can you give to mom’s who are struggling to lose the weight?

Wow, thank you so much. My best advice is to focus on providing your body what it needs at this time. The less focus you put on losing the weight and getting your body back the faster it will happen naturally. Oh…and, Placenta Pills. They were my saving grace. They gave me such a balanced boost of energy, and increased my metabolism, increased milk productions and most importantly they balanced my moods during such a sensitive and emotional time.

Take us through your daily routine from morning to night with Benjamin. We love seeing him eat all his veggies on insta!

Thank you, so do I 🙂  As soon as my feet hit the floor I say one thing I’m extremely grateful. It usually turns into 3-5 things! Benjamin is my alarm clock now so I get him and cuddle as long as he can sit still. I drink warm water with lemon first then English breakfast tea with coconut milk. Breakfast is either a huge mixed fruit bowl to start followed by steel cut oats with coconut milk and coconut flakes with maple syrup or avocado toast 40min after the fruit. I spend most mornings at home until Benjamin goes down for his nap. The second opportunity I get to meditate, I do that. I read my lesson in A course in miracles then meditate for 20min. After that, I do a 20-30min workout that share on the @fitner_app. They are designed for the mom/person on the go who carves out time for self-care, even if it’s just 20min. Then I shower and head to be office most days. I’m re-building my website along with a lot of exciting projects in the making. I stay there until 5ish and head home to be with Benjamin. I love to work. It ignites my soul to share what I love but there is no better feeling than coming home to my baby. We have play then have dinner and a bath, read some books and I put him down. I unwind after washing my face and settling in by reading a good book after answering my email and responding to all messages.

What do you most cherish about being a mom?

Omg, just every single thing. Observing life through his eyes has brought a whole new meaning to life for me. He just started saying I love you and I literally melts me every time. His hugs and kisses fill me up in a way I didn’t quite understand before I had him. I’m crazy in love with this little boy. 

Name 3 beauty products you can’t live without.

I just started using lerosett face wash and moisturizer for acne prone skin and I have never experienced such an immediate response from a product. It’s all organic and super gently. RMS beauty products are my absolute fav and are so gentle and natural looking. I own almost everything the carry.

What are 5 must-have mommy items that you swear by?

Baby yo-yo travel stroller, my Joolz stroller for the city streets, Cocokind baby products, honest wipes and electric toothbrush. That toothbrush really occupies him. 

Best place you traveled with Benjamin and why?

Mykonos Greece, it was so special to experience a new destination with my family all together.

What are some of your favorite stores to shop for him?

I love Zara and baby gap.

What is your best piece of advice for new moms?

Don’t judge your process with anyone else’s. We are all trying to figure this thing out. As long as your moving from a place from love, you’re doing it right.

Be sure to follow her instagram @melissawoodhealth and check-out her workouts on her fitner app. 

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