With wedding season here, we wanted to share some of our bridal makeup tips for the big day. There are so many bridal looks to choose from if you’re going for classic, vintage, beach goddess or ultra glam, that these basic tips will help any bride.

Bridal makeup {Photo Credit via Leslee Mitchell}

Tips on looking like a blushing bride (Fresh, bright beauty):

1. If you’re having your makeup professionally done, do a test trial a few weeks before your wedding. Nothing longer, especially if you’re tanning.

2. If you do get your makeup done for a test trial, go outside in the natural light and take a few test shots to make sure you like your makeup in the photo. Wear a white shirt so you can see how the white looks against your makeup.

3. If you plan on fake and baking, don’t get too dark. Just a nice golden glow.

4. You want to look like yourself so don’t try anything too trendy for the big day. Leave that up to girls’ night. Accentuate on either your eyes or lips.

5. Wear individual lashes instead of one full strip. This will look more natural and beautiful. Lashes will open up the eye area and looks great in photographs! ALL BRIDES SHOULD WEAR LASHES.

6. Stay away from glitter. You can use a subtle shimmer, but keep it at a minimum. Bobbi Brown’s shimmer brick is perfect for a little highlight on the cheeks and eyes.

7. Brighten your eye area with concealer. This is a MUST!

8. DO NOT WEAR a neutral, pale or brown lipstick. These colors can look washed out in photographs. You want to look like a blushing bride, so try to wear a brighter lipstick in pink, rose or plum. These brighter colors photograph really well; so don’t be afraid to wear it.

9. Wear a shadow primer to keep your eye makeup from lasting all day/night. We swear by Urban Decay’s Eye Potion. It will change your life!

10. Wear waterproof mascara. We usually don’t recommend this for day-to-day, because it’s too drying for the lashes, but this is a must for the wedding.

11. Bring your lipstick and powder for touch-ups throughout the day/night.

12. Don’t do anything drastic on the day of… Self-tanners, facials, waxing, etc… IT could end up turning into a horror story.

13. Make sure your face color matches the rest of your body. It all should look uniformed. Apply bronzer to the areas needed.

14. Don’t go too dark on the eyes. You’re not going to a Halloween party; it’s your wedding day!

15. We love sun protection in our makeup, but it it’s any higher than SPF 15, it can cause your face to look a lot paler from the Titanium Dioxide when it reacts to the flash.

16. If you have someone coming to do your makeup and the bridal party, make sure that you go first. You don’t want to feel rushed and you want the artist to take their time with you. It’s your day!

Congrats on the big day and just remember to just be you. You want to look like yourself walking down the aisle and you want your husband to recognize you. Get it girl, you own that aisle!