Have you ever gone to the farmer’s market and a hat and sunscreen just simply wasn’t enough? Or a polo match, but couldn’t find an umbrella that didn’t look cheap? Persole Shade is a unique collection of fashionable “Chic Shades” that helps you maintain your style, while protecting your skin with a UPF rating of 50+. (Provides 99.7% blockage of UVA and UVB rays) It’s fashionable and functional and perfect for your everyday activities.

The details of each shade consists of Swarovski Crystal details, 100% waterproof and all Made in Italy. I really love that it comes with a bangle cuff to close the shade, instead of a snap like wrap around. Not only are you looking chic, but you’ve also got some major arm bling to go with it.

I’m pictured wearing the Limited Edition Holiday 2014 Red Flower, as Anne Hathaway has the same exact one. (Perfect for the red carpet so her makeup doesn’t melt in the sun while looking glamorous) The Red Flower is red on the exterior and has a red flower interior with Lucite jeweled handle. I really like that it’s not bulky and perfect for on the go. It’s so chic, while protecting my skin from the sun.

Visit their website for more designs and just remember, be smart when it comes to your outdoor lifestyle.