We love introducing new lines that we find flattering, especially when it comes to swimwear. Wearing a swimsuit is basically being in your underwear and can make some woman self-conscious whether it is at the pool or beach. We’ve always had problems finding supportive tops, as we need that upper body support. When we first tried on Blumoss Swimwear, we were so happy to find that the lycra is double lined to accentuate every curve and their one piece suits actually have lined cups, which give great shape and additional support. With different styles of the one pieces and maillots, it’s easy to find your perfect swimsuit for when you need to have an active day on the beach but still want to look feminine and beautiful. The fit and style is perfect for every woman with a luxurious feel and offers a strong range of colors like turquoise, coral, lime, prune and black. It’s a must try for your next vacation!

With a new swimwear brand on the market, Himani Pradhan, the designer behind Blumoss Swimwear gave us this one-on-one interview. Be sure to visit their new site launching this Friday. Meet Blumoss Swimwear…

Tell us about Blumoss Swimwear and who is behind the label.

BLUMOSS is a dream of mine that materialized in early 2014. I studied Fashion & Design to eventually have my own brand of clothing.  After 11 years of working for several different brands, I decided it was time to get these ideas into my own line and create something meaningful. I am passionate about swimwear, I love the challenge of making the smallest piece of clothing that a woman will wear–the most fun and feel-good piece she will own.

I love island life and being out in the sun and sand. Chilling out by the pool with my four-year-old daughter is one of my favorite things to do. So, I know what it’s like to want to look good while doing your favorite summer activities and that’s where the idea behind BLUMOSS and “swimsuiting” started.

I emphasize the BLUMOSS term “swimsuiting” because it describes the process of finding your perfect bikini fit and being able to wear your suit with confidence – minus the stress that typically accompanies swimwear shopping. We put a lot of passion and thought behind our suits and want to bring something unique to women. Combining luxurious Italian fabric, comfort and the right amount of modesty balanced with fashion appeal, BLUMOSS removes the anxiety associated with buying swimwear. Swimsuiting becomes fun and enjoyable!

Who is the Blumoss woman?

She is in every woman. The BLUMOSS woman is me.  The BLUMOSS woman is you. The BLUMOSS woman is all the beautiful women reading this blog. We are women who want to run the show and run it with perfection. We have full, active lives and we are the super women who want to look fabulous doing what we do.

Women work hard at juggling it all: developing our careers, raising children, nurturing relationships and taking care of ourselves. We deserve to look great and feel comfortable. I’ve always wanted to design for the “real women” out there. Swimwear is my passion and I know what it takes to feel good in a suit. Designing the skimpiest type of clothing for a wide range of body types that will still bring confidence to its wearer is a challenge I took on whole-heartedly. I follow this mantra when I design for the BLUMOSS woman.

What makes Blumoss so different than other swimwear brands out there?

Before I started designing, my swimsuiting experience consisted of  being faced with either super trendy, skimpy styles for Juniors or frumpy suits, where coverage translated into bulky fabric.

Nothing bridged the gap and I couldn’t find much other than styles that looked as if they were meant for models. With this in mind, I designed suits that would bring comfort and confidence to women. There’s a lot of thought, science and subtle technique that goes into a BLUMOSS suit. We are also conscious of the buttery Italian fabric we design with and have discovered the ideal amount of compression on the body – our lycra is not too tight nor too loose. Flattery is key here. Our material hugs your body with love and perfection!

From your three collections, what is the must-have and why?

Our three collections for Summer 2015  tell their own distinct story and I have a favorite standout style from each one. Our color palette this season offers a wide selection from striking turquoise and summery coral to rich prune and classic black.

I take special pride in the sheer, mesh styles of the Seychelles Collection. They strike the fine balance between sex appeal and classiness. My personal favorite is the Eden Mesh Panel Maillot because of the edgy styling that is still quite elevated.

BLUMOSS Eden Maillot

From the Capri Collection, there is the Villa Classic Halter Maillot with a plunging V-neckline. It also has a sexy low back, one of my favorite features of this suit.

BLUMOSS Villa Maillot

The Santorini Collection has a suit perfect for the girl with an hourglass figure – the Skala Keyhole Lattice Maillot. Love the detailed, strappy back. 

BLUMOSS Skala Maillot

I have to add one more style, especially if you really want to stand out! This combines the styling of a two-piece but it’s actually a one-piece suit: the High Waisted Retro Maillot. It’s perfect for the girl with a great bust line who wants to cinch in her lower waist and hips.

BLUMOSS High Waist Retro

We really love the fact that your models that you showcase are healthy models other than the really skinny models that just isn’t realistic. What made you go this route?

Thanks for noticing – that makes me very happy! I’m into fitness but appreciate strong, toned bodies with real curves. I’m a big believer that healthy is the new skinny. I think it’s very important to bring this concept into the world of swim.

We have a #BMmantra that we like to keep in mind – “beauty starts the moment you decide to be yourself.” As long as you are committed to being healthy, you are the ideal body. Be proud of what you have. BLUMOSS is here for you to help your body look its best.

Where can we find Blumoss? Any retailers we know?

At present, we are exclusively online – our website launches this Friday, 12/5. If you sign up on BLUMOSS.com, you’ll receive a special promo code for 30% off.

What can we see from Blumoss in the next few years?

I have some really exciting concepts for BLUMOSS for the next few seasons. Look for exotic embellishments and exciting prints. We’ll also be offering new silhouettes. The best “sneak peeks” will be through our Instagram so please checkout @BLUMOSSSWIMWEAR.

Who would love to see wearing Blumoss?

The women who believe in the BLUMOSS Mantra of fashion and comfort. We want young women, mothers, career girls — all you beautiful women. We design for real women and want real women in our suits.

Thank you for the interview, Blumoss! We are such a fans of your suits.

Visit blumoss.com to see other styles.