Are you still packing up your whites after Labor Day? You may want to think again..

Growing up, we often remembered hearing our Grandma Jean telling us not to forget to pack up our whites, as Labor Day was the official last day of Summer. We never clearly understood why, we just always knew that it was a Faux Pas in wearing white after Labor Day. Growing up in the South, they stood by this rule, like going to church every Sunday.

Back in the late 19th  to the early 20th century, this was how you were categorized to which class you fell under. The mid to high class would be going off to their Summer homes sporting their white linens, and when it was time to go back into the city, they were back in their drab dark clothing.

Over the years, white has become the new year-round color to wear…almost like wearing black to a wedding. But, it also depends on the climate that you are living in. With one of us living in Hawaii, this rule has always been a little bit more relaxed with Summer weather year-round. Manhattan, on the other hand,  is now seeing white as a winter fashion staple. You would think Winter White as a Snow White, but it’s actually an off-white color with a warm, yellow base. Do you remember seeing Maid in Manhattan with J.LO wearing that beautiful white cashmere coat? That will always stick with us and how gorgeous and fresh it looked!

Knowing when to wear the right fabric of white is key with the seasons. For Fall/Winter, make sure that the fabric is a bit heavier. You wouldn’t wear that white eyelet dress in the winter would you? Well, in Hawaii you would.. Ha!  White jeans is something to invest in as you can wear these 365 days a year.  The only white that you shouldn’t wear, are your undergarments. Always wear nude when wearing white pants or top. It should match the color of your skin. White shows up more under white clothing.


Alexander Wang

3.1 Phillip Lim

Derek Lam

Peter Som


Rachel Zoe

J. Mendel

Bill Blass


Fashion rules are meant to be broken, by those who can pull it off, and white looks really fresh, when people aren’t expecting it.” – Bronwyn Cosgrave, Author of The Complete History of Costume and Fashion.

With Labor Day coming up, we wanted to dedicate this post to our beautiful, fashionable Grandma Jean! Till this day, she still packs away her whites till it’s time to bring them out again. We love you Grandma Jean!