Z33A2901 A handwritten thank you is not only tasteful, but it shows much appreciation for the other person’s generous gesture. With modern technology these days, thank yous are sent in the form of emails, texts, social media or phone call. It seems as if we’ve went from letter writing to digital communication. Isn’t it so nice to get an actual handwritten thank you card in the mailbox versus a bill? A simple thank you card goes a long way, so here are some tips for writing a thank you note that will impress in today’s modern world.

Order Stationery

You should always purchase a good stock of stationery to have on-hand. This will always keep you in check for getting out your thank you note instead of thinking you don’t have time to make it to the store. And always stock up on stamps! I love having a variety of personalized stationery to send out, especially monogrammed. The Stationery Studio has a great selection to choose from for all occasions, including personalized notepads, stampers, invitations, napkins and party supplies. Shown in the photo:


Thank you foldover foil-pressed note cards with lined envelopes

Luxury script monogram flat note card collection on triple thick stock

When to Send

You should aim to mail your thank you note within a week’s time. If you’re sending out wedding thank you notes, you have up to three months before the expiration date. But the rule is, it’s better late than never.

–       Gift is received, even if opened in front of the gift-giver (Send individual notes even for a group gift)

–       After attending a dinner party

–       Sympathy letter and/or flowers for the passing of a loved one

–       Guests of your wedding, bridal or baby shower

–       Hosted for an overnight stay

–       Job interview

–       A special favor a friend has done for you

–       Just because

How to Address

For family and close friends, first names can be addressed in the salutation inside the card with simply your first name for your sign-off. For all others, be sure to include appropriate titles and use your full name when you sign-off.


Keep it short and simple. You always want to express your heartfelt thanks. For weddings and showers, it’s always a good idea to write what each person gave you to thank them for that specific item by telling them how you plan to use the gift. If it was a service rather than an item, mention how meaningful and thoughtful that was.

Extras to Include

Sometimes a thank you card may not be enough, so you may want to include a photo of the gift being used, sending flowers, baked goods or adding a small gift with the note. Just a few weeks ago, my two girlfriends threw me a gorgeous baby shower and I made them both a necklace that they both would like to show my appreciation. It doesn’t always have to big… It’s always the thought that counts.



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