We had the opportunity to catch up with Oliver Tomalin, Founder and Director of  Love Brand & Co., a new British luxury swimwear for boys and men.


Set up only last year, the company plans to expand through a series of ready-to-wear products, each intrinsically dedicated to a relevant charity. The idea being, that each product within their portfolio, is to generate an awareness of a specific naturally caused problem with donations made through the item’s profits.

The debut collection, “Trunks for Trunks”,  is state-of-the-art men’s and boy’s swimming trunks for the fashion conscious swimmer. Five percent of gross sales from Love Brand’s “Trunks for Trunks” debut collection will go to the support the endangered Asian Elephants.

What made you design a men’s swimwear line? How did it all go down?

OT:  I have always been passionate about swimwear. I would live in swimming trunks if I could! I have always wanted to design my own.

The idea for my label was to put our wildlife loving ethic at the core the brand, hence our name; Love Brand & Co. Instead of choosing to help out at the end of a successful financial year, we associate our conservation initiative with the products from the beginning so the product itself raises awareness and donations; this is more immediate, engaging and powerful.

Oliver Tomalin, Founder and Director of Love Brand & Co.

We love that part of the portion of sales, goes towards endangered Asian Elephants. How did you incorporate trunks for trunks?

OT:  I decided to help the Asian elephant because at the time of developing the idea my brand, the UK charity, Elephant Family were exhibiting amazing painted elephants all around where I live in London. The innovative campaign really caught my attention and I was alarmed that the Asian elephant was so seriously under threat of extinction in the wild. So our SS12 collection has been campaigning and donating to this cause.

Oliver with a elephant in India

You must love the beach to design a men’s swimwear line?

OT:  I love the beach. If I can’t be on one, I mentally travel to one by working on Love Brand & Co. which is nice.

What is your favorite beach?

OT:  I feel I have been really lucky to travel a lot and experienced many beautiful beaches. It is hard to choose one. When I was growing up my family lived in Tokyo for a time and we used to go to Maui and Lanai a lot. I have very fond memories of the beaches and surf there. A beach that I went to recently was in Exuma, Bahamas, the beaches there are pretty unbeatable too.

Oliver & Girlfriend Rose

 Do you plan to expand your swimwear brand?

OT:  I have been designing the next Love Brand  & Co. products. As with your trunks they all have special attention to detail and quality. Our classic trunks are constructed from a quick-drying high performance fabric and have our iconic silver elephant tusks at the end of the drawstring! We plan to expand with more swimwear and ready-to-wear. It is very exciting.


Where can they purchase your designs?

OT:  They are available at lovebrand.com

What is the price range of your trunks?

OT:  Our Classic men’s trunks retail at £118-128 ($155-$167) and matching boy’s pairs are £68-78 ($89-$110).

Before you designed your own collection, which brand of trunks were you wearing?

OT:  I have owned a number of brands over the years, my favorites before I launched my own was an old pair by Polo Ralph Lauren.

Who is your favorite designer that inspires you and why?

OT:  It’s probably Ralph Lauren again. That labels success is very inspiring and we also share a love for cars.

Visit www.lovebrand.com for more info. Thanks Oliver for bringing awareness to this special charity while being a luxury designer!