Now that I’m 6 months pregnant (25 weeks), I’ve had to size up my clothing to comfortably dress for my growing bump. Every morning I wake up and look at my tummy to see how much it’s grown overnight. Ha! It’s so exciting to see and feeling her move is pretty amazing. (As she’s kicking me now!) I’ve really been trying to stay fit and healthy during my pregnancy with lots of swimming and yoga.



Being a huge fan of Lucy Activewear, I’m still wearing their stuff, just in larger sizes J I love their Studio Hatha Capri Leggings and Get Going Capris (seen wearing here) for comfortable bottoms that offer different looks. They both have the wide band, but the Studio Hatha Capri Leggings are more of a slimming effect that suck you in and the Get Going Capris are much looser, great for lounging in and roomy even after eating a big meal. For tops, I’m obsessed with their Body and Mind Tunic. It’s so chic, stylish and lightweight. I like the fact that it covers the bump and my bum, and the front cowl-neck camouflages my growing tatas. (I’ve had to size up so many times for my bra, it’s crazy!) The longer tanks I feel is more flattering for my body.




I’m all about comfort these days, but it helps when brands like Lucy, look and make you feel great throughout your pregnancy. Mahalo Lucy!

See their new collection here.