Ok, who else was obsessing over Kendall’s top knot last night at the AMA’s?! We loved her effortlessly chic do, that we got the actual lowdown from her Celebrity hairstylist, Etienne Ortega. Here is how he got his inspo:

IMG_7846.JPG Photo Credit // Getty Images

“My inspiration for Kendall’s look was a funky modern top knot with a wispy bang, that goes perfect with her high neck dress!”

Here’s the scoop from Ortega on how to get Kendall’s red carpet look with the help of KMS California products:

Step 1: Ortega used KMS California ADD VOLUME styling foam ($17.50) while the hair was damp and roughly blow dried her hair.

Step 2: Ortega used the KMS California HAIR PLAY messing cream ($20), putting a quarter size amount in his palms and worked it all throughout the hair to start creating a build up of texture.

Step 3: Then Ortega put her hair up into a pony, followed by twisting the hair into a fun top knot.

Step 4: To finish the look he used the KMS California HAIR PLAY playable texture ($20) to make her bangs textured, piecey and ready to hit the red carpet.

Products play such a huge role into achieving the actual look, so we’re going to have to give this look a try! You can find KMS California at the following stores here. 

Happy Monday! XX