Since today is Happy Aloha Friday, we wanted to share the true meaning behind  “ALOHA.”

Do you ever hear people say…

– Where is their aloha spirit?

– They need to drive with some aloha!

– Spread some aloha..

Aloha has many different meanings and in Hawaii we are all about the Aloha spirit. Each of us can share and spread the act of kindness no matter where we are or what we are doing.

A stands for AKAHAI, meaning kindness.

L stands for LOKAHI, meaning bring unity.

O stands for OLU’OLU, meaning politeness.

H stands for HA’ AHA’ A, meaning humbled.

A stands for AHONUI, meaning enduring.


ALOHA in Action

Respect all elders and children.

Leave places better than you find them.

Hold the door. Hold the elevator.

Plant something.

Drive with courtesy. Never drive impaired.

Attend an event of another culture.

Return your shopping cart.

Get out and enjoy nature.

Pick up litter.

Share with your neighbors.

Create smiles.

Create a list and share it.


Don’t forget to Live Aloha this weekend.. 🙂