Happy New Year everyone! I know I’m late in the game, but we just got back from our month long trip visiting our family and friends during the holidays and just now getting back into the swing of things! It was so nice to be in the cold for Christmas, but I think after a week of the brutal cold, I was over it. How do you guys do it with all those layers?? Ha! My thin blood couldn’t handle it.


We spent a few weeks in Seattle visiting my dad and two days in Mt. Hood. It was either freezing outside or raining. When we got to San Francisco, we just loved the weather and walked around a lot. Kaia was such a great traveler, she didn’t even cry once on the plane! Having this be our first time traveling to the mainland with her, we had more stuff to bring than Santa and his elves. Wow, you really don’t realize how much you need and you need it all. The stroller, car seat, diapers, clothes, toys, breast pump, bottles, the list goes on…

The one thing that we brought that was such a big hit and a huge help for the winter cold was her 7 A.M. Enfant Blanket212 Evolution. It’s perfect for the stroller or car seat and it also grows with her from infant to preschool and converts into a large blanket. The thermal inside kept Kaia super warm from head to toe and the outside shell is waterproof. I really liked that we didn’t have to put on a huge puffer coat just to go to the mall or restaurant. She was just as warm and toasty as she could be. I HIGHLY recommend this to any parent that lives in the cold with a baby.

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They have so many other cool things for your baby in tow and all of it is so chic and fashionable. You almost wished they made stuff for adults too. Ha! Check them out here. This went really well with our travel stroller from Nuna. I love my Nuna PEPP- it’s super easy to open and close and extremely lightweight. Parents- do you have any travel tips?? Need all the help I can get!

Did you all travel anywhere fun for the holidays? Can’t wait to get back into the groove of things. Thanks so much for always being such a fan of the blog. Let me know if there is anything in particular you want to read about in the coming months.

Blanket Coat | Nesh NYC

Torn Leggings | Nesh NYC

Pippa Crossbody bag | MZ Wallace New York

Fringe Buffalo Dancer Mukluk | Manitobah Mukluks