I had the pleasure of going to the #HFWF12 that was held this past Saturday @ Hilton Hawaiian Village. My two favorite things that were going to be there, FOOD & WINE! What a better event to attend to, right?! As soon as I walked in, I was overwhelmed with the top 22 master chefs from all over the U.S. and best wine sommeliers from some of the best wineries. They handed me a wine glass and a pair of chopsticks as soon as I walked in. It was time to rock n’ roll!

Hilton Hawaiian Village- HFWF

The Row of the best wine sommeliers

The boys going to town on pounding the pa’i’ai {poi}

I made a beeline towards the row of wines that were featured, got my tasting and headed to some of the chefs table. What a great spread of the most delicious dishes from the best chef’s all in the room. Robert Irvine made a wild boar burger that was quite flavorful. But, one Chef really stood out from the crowd that I just couldn’t get enough of, Chef Jon Matsubara from Azure. He had a lobster tail the was devine! If I could have eaten 5 of them I would have. I’ve eaten at Azure a few times and every time, it’s just as good as the first, if not better. It’s a great ambiance and it’s at one of the most beautiful hotels, The Royal Hawaiian.

Deana and Kathy with Robert Irvine from Food Network, Restaurant: Impossible.

Deana, Kathy and Jeanie enjoying the event

The wines were wonderful and yes, I did have a favorite. I got to meet Greg Brewer behind Diatom Wines. He was so personable and for a winemaker, the least of being a ‘wine snob.’ I loved how all the wines were in Japanese Kanji and represented something dear to him. Behind the kanji, he wanted to show his gratitude to his colleague Taka of 15 years and his wife, Miyoka from Japan that has helped him to where he is today. Miyoka designed the brush strokes of kanji on all of his wine bottles that took months of trying to represent what Greg had envisioned. As soon as I had his wines, I was in heaven. I have to say.. I’m wanting a glass right now.

Diatom Wines

Kathy with Greg Brewer from Diatom Wines

The night ended in a big bang. Dessert and fireworks were the best final touches to close the event with. An array spread of sweets to indulge in and a firework show that lit up the whole Pacific Ocean. It was truly a great event to attend to. Can’t wait for next year! X KJ

Jeanie, Deana, Chef David Burke and Kathy

Chef David Burke, Deana, Chef Josiah Citrin, Chef Todd English ending the evening with a bang!

Ending the night with a firework show!