Wearing red lipstick is an instant mood changer and exudes confidence. There are so many colors with different undertones that looks best for certain skin types, but when you’re not a makeup artist, it’s hard to tell which one has yellow, blue or neutral undertones. We suggest going into a department store and trying them on. That’s the only way you will tell what color looks best on you.

Here are our best tips on wearing red this holiday season:


Make sure to exfoliate your lips to remove dead skin, so that when you apply lipstick, it’s smooth and evenly. This can be done with a toothbrush or lip exfoliating cream.


You don’t want to show up looking like a clown, so keep your eye makeup to a minimum avoid a smoky eye look. Mascara is all that you need, with such a bold lip color.


Wearing a lip liner keeps the color from bleeding, but make sure it’s almost the same color as the lipstick. If it’s a different color, this can change the lipstick color.


You can add concealer to the outline of the lip to ensure it stays in place and more of a clean look.


Don’t add lip gloss to your red lipstick. This will bleed and make the lips appear messy during the night. If you’re not into lipstick and more of a gloss person, then that’s an exception.


Make sure that when you wear red lipstick, your blush matches. Don’t wear coral blush with red lips. If you don’t have a blush, you can just dot the same lipstick onto your cheeks for a flushed color. (Don’t over do it!)


If you want to match your nails, make sure it’s the same color red; otherwise it can throw the whole look off. We love just wearing nude nails, for a clean, sleek look and it makes your hands appear longer.

We’ve tried to simplify your red lipstick shopping, by breaking it down by skin tones:

FAIR SKIN TONES: Try bold reds and deep colors in cherry, cranberry and wine. Avoid anything too light, so you don’t look washed out.

MEDIUM SKIN TONES: Most shades will look good on you. Try orange-red and blackberry shades.

DARKER SKIN TONES: Tangerine, maroon, deep plums and berries look great on this skin tone.

Everyone can wear red, it’s just a matter of which shade looks best on you. It always looks so glam on!