With Memorial weekend approaching, you know what that means… All day fun in the sun! Whether you’re planning on being at the beach, pool or just lounging in heat, you should be protecting your hair. The sun, chlorine and salt water can have a drying, damaging effect on hair in the hot summer months that cause your hair to feel like straw and color looking ashy.

Take a peek at our two secret weapons that is going to keep your hair looking hydrated, moisturized with the ultimate sheen from PHYTO. 

PHYTOPLAGE After-sun Rehydrating Shampoo

This two-in-one hair and body wash cleanses the salt, sand, chlorine and sunscreen residues. It’s a coconut-based formula, enriched with luxurious kukui oil that is rich in essential fatty acids (amazing oil from Hawaii that has many healing benefits for the skin and a super moisturizing product for dry skin and hair) and bamboo marrow, gently cleanses while it rehydrates the hair and skin after a day of being in the sun.

We highly recommend this for anyone that is constantly in the water, especially for surfers and water sports enthusiasts.

PHYTOPLAGE Protective Sun Oil

We are listing this as a must-have product. This water-resistant protective oil will protect your color and combat the effects of powerful UV rays. With maximum sun protection and added moisturizing, you will have the ultimate sheen and shine during and after the sun. Preserve your color while creating a sleek, polished finished.

PHYTOPLAGE products are formulated with the latest botanical resources to actively protect, nourish and revitalize hair that has been exposed to external stresses such as sun, wind and chlorine. Silicone and paraben free.

Visit phyto-usa.com for more info.


Protect your strands from these warm weather aggressors and follow these 3 tips:

–          Wear a hat when in the sun to protect your scalp and hair

–          Try to let your hair dry naturally

–          Replenish moisture with a deep conditioner at least once a week