Whenever I find something that I absolutely love, you guys are always the first to hear about and why. I’m so excited to introduce you all to Meredith Quill Jewelry. I found her just by browsing on social media and loved her pieces. Her jewelry is for everyone that is looking either for a delicate necklace or bold statement. On top of being an entrepreneur, she’s also a wife and mom to three beautiful kids. #MOMBOSS! She recently started making mommy and me jewelry and loved that Kaia got her chain link bracelet to match my necklace. 

Meet Meredith Quill. 

How was Meredith Quill Jewelry born? 

Meredith Quill Jewelry was born when all 3 of my kids were finally in school full time (hooray!) and I turned my hobby for making jewelry into a business. From the time I was a little girl, I have always been fascinated with jewelry. My mom loves to tell the story of when I was 3 years old and “stole” her engagement ring and wore it to preschool.

What is a jewelry staple every woman should own in their jewelry collection?

A staple that every woman should have in her collection is a chain link necklace. It can be worn alone or layered with multiple necklaces. I wear my small chain link necklace everyday and I have more people ask me about it than any other piece I make!

What are your favorite pieces and where do you find inspiration from?

My current favorite piece is my disc pendant with a white sapphire in the middle. The disc pendant was inspired by a gold disc my grandmother wore on a bracelet. And I am also loving my cigar band ring. I had always wanted a thick band ring, but 14karat gold is so expensive these days. So I decided to make my own using gold vermeil (which is sterling silver covered with 14karat gold).

I find a lot of inspiration from old pictures of my mom and grandmothers. I recently found some pictures of my mom from the 1970s wearing a bunch of turquoise jewelry, so I made turquoise heart shaped earrings that my daughters love.

And all of my chain link pieces are directly inspired by my grandmother’s link bracelet that she wore everyday.

How do you juggle being a jewelry designer, wife and mama to 3? 

The work/life juggle is the hardest part! Luckily, I have an incredibly supportive husband who loves my new business. Hmmm- that could be because he never has to buy me jewelry again?? And as my kids get older, they are taking on new responsibilities around the house to make the “life” part a little easier.

What do you love to do when you have a little mommy time to yourself?

When I have free time in the mornings, I love to go hiking. There is a hiking trail about 5 minutes from my kids’ school so I’ll go there after drop off and hike a couple of miles. Although Los Angeles feels like a concrete jungle, we are blessed with hiking spots all over the city. And I also love to take cooking classes when I have some free time. I’m a pretty mediocre chef, but I make dinner every night for my family, so I really need to improve!

Where is your favorite vacation spot with your family and why?

Our favorite family vacation spot is Cape Cod. My husband’s parents retired there, so we go every summer. It is the antithesis of Los Angeles in terms of weather and foliage! My kids love swimming in the little ponds in Chatham, and they are always fascinated when a summer storm rolls through.

Name 3 beauty products you can’t live without.

3 beauty products I can’t live without are: Thayers Witch Hazel Toner with Rose Petal, Weleda Calendula Baby Face Cream (no joke), and Elta MD Tinted Suncreen SPF 40. I’m a bit of a clean beauty freak, so I use super gentle products. And I’m very frugal when it comes to skincare and these are all very inexpensive!!

Where are your favorite places to shop for your kids?

I have 2 daughters, ages 11 and 8, and a son age 6, so I’m sure you can imagine how wildly different their shopping tastes are. There is a small children’s boutique about a mile from our house called Flika that my girls love. And my son only wears soccer kits

so we go to a soccer specialty store called Niky’s Sports. We live by the “shop local” philosophy!

What advice can you give to other moms who are struggling to find the balance between work and home life? 

The struggle between work and home life can be overwhelming at times, and my advice is to do less. I only sign my kids up for 1 activity a season (instead of 2 or 3). And I also reach out to others for help. I often ask other moms to help with driving my kids around, and it makes such a difference in terms of quality of life.

Where do you carry your jewelry? Any fun pop-ups? 

I love doing pop-ups! I recently did a pop up at my daughter’s dance studio and it was such a success. And there is a home goods store here in LA called Shop Coop where I’ve done a few pop ups.

My jewelry is primarily an e-commerce line which helps keep my costs as low as possible. The retail markup on jewelry is bananas!!! But a few boutiques here in LA carry some of my pieces.

Any Celebs that have been seen spotted wearing your line?

can be seen on celebs around LA like Shiri Appleby from Unreal. In addition, my jewelry has been worn on TV shows such as Fam with Nina Dobrev on CBS and I Feel Bad on NBC. But, most recently Busy Philipps. 

What can we see from Meredith Quill Jewelry down the line? 

Down the line, I hope to have more “mommy and me” pieces in my collection. My daughters share a lot of my jewelry, like I did with my mom, so I hope to feature that aspect of my business in the future. And I have so many more designs in my head that being drawn up right now. My daughters have been helping me with a holiday collection, but that’s top secret information!!!

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