With the long weekend coming up, I’m sure there won’t be a shortage of cocktails going on. Be smart when ordering/making a drink. Calories can add up like a multiplication table and by the end of the weekend, you’re going to want to end up living in your spin studio. We were shocked to see that some of these cocktails were equivalent to a meal!  Have fun, drink and be merry, and  just be wise in choosing your cocktail of choice.

One of our favorites is the hot pepper infused vodka over ice. We went for a girl’s weekend and stayed at Solage Calistoga and the bartender at Solbar made this for us. If you ever visit there, this is a must to order! 🙂


Cocktails to avoid:

Long Island Iced Tea {780 calories}

Frozen Margarita {740 calories}

Pina Colada {650 calories}

Mai Tai {620 calories}


Smart Cocktail Choices:


Coconut milk nog {90 calories}

Tequila over ice with lime {100 calories}

Hot pepper infused vodka over ice with olive {105 calories}

Raspberry infused vodka w/ club soda and splash of cranberry and lime {115 calories}