If you haven’t smelled kai fragrance yet, you don’t know what you are missing out on!

It is one of our fragrance staples that is a MUST-HAVE and the kai perfume rolling ball is perfect for our jetsetting travels.

When you wear this, be prepared to be a pedestrian traffic stopper. They will ask you what you have on! You know if this is one of Oprah’s “favorite things”  it’s that good!

The beautiful blends of gardenia and white exotics will be thinking you are in paradise where ever you are.

Kai products

We want you to meet the beautiful women behind this lovely fragrance, Gaye Straza.

She spent her youth vacationing in the hawaiian tropics. After years of avoiding mainstream perfumes because they did not agree with her, Straza decided to create a scent for herself that embodied the exotic white flowers she loved.

For several months she worked tirelessly with a small boutique fragrance house to develop what we now know as kai, which means “ocean” in hawaiian.

Kai first got noticed when a beauty editor from NYC stopped Straza on Madison Avenue asking her where she could get the fragrance. Since then, it has become a huge phenomenon in the beauty industry.

Kai Founder, Gaye Straza

Gaye was kind enough to offer a kai perfume rolling ball giveaway to one of our lucky readers. One lucky winner will be chosen randomly on 9/18/2012. Good luck and we encourage you to share this with others.

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Kai Perfume Rolling Ball {$48}

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