Lipstick Queen strikes again with their Cupid’s Bow lip collection that recently launched this month. With eight powerful pigments, this 2-in-1 jumbo pencil works as a lip liner and lipstick with its effortless application. Score! If you’re looking for the perfect pout, these pencils are loaded with hydrating ingredients that instantly leave lips feeling saturated with rich, plush pigments and a dramatic moisture-rich satin matte finish.


The luxurious pencil instantly glides on without feeling dry on my lips as many pencils can feel this way, causing dry, flaky lips. All eight shades are intense and gorgeous! It contains precious mineral Tourmaline sourced from metamorphic rock in Brazil, known for its energizing and radiance-boosting qualities. For a price of $22, it’s worth the price when you’re actually getting two products in one and a complimentary sharpener is included. Here are the color swatches on my lips…

Z33A7598 {OVID- Deep Red}

Z33A7610 {DAPHNE- Hot Pink}

Z33A7618 {NYMPH- Pink}

Z33A7624 {APOLLO- Wine}

Z33A7636 {DESIRE- Red}


Z33A7643 {GOLDEN ARROW- Blush}

Z33A7660 {EROS- Pop Pink}

What is your favorite color? For spring and summer, I love Eros for a bright pop of color! As some colors may look similar like Golden Arrow and Nymph and Desire and Metamorphoses, here is a color swatch I did on my wrist to show you the different pigments.


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