Ever forked out 3 Benjamin’s on a pair of sunglasses that weren’t the best quality lens or more importantly had discomfort after wearing them for a long period of time? Yes, we’ve been there… After trying on a pair of Zeal Optics, we said Sayonara to that!

Zeal Optics has become one of our all-time favorite eyewear companies now. It’s perfect for someone that has an active lifestyle, yet that wants to be fashion forward. The Kennedy style is a personal favorite that does just that. They are polarized, light, fashionable and comfortable all in one.

With an e-llume lens, they are the world’s first and only plant-based lens, which upholds to the highest of optical standards in the industry and minimizing the impact on the environment as well. They are so light that you barely notice you are even wearing sunglasses. It offers protection and prevention from UVA, B, and C as well as blocking a negative light range called HEV (High Energy Visible light).

The Kennedy comes in 8 different frame/lens color and retails for $139. They are completely worth every penny and available for prescription. This unisex style is a must-have.

Live through the lens of Zeal Optics, they are that rad!

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