Have you ever met anyone or encountered with someone and wondered where there manners were? We have, numerous times. One thing that we are so glad that our parents instilled in us, were manners. They often told us that manners are the richest thing you can have, that won’t cost you a penny. It’s so true, and yet, you don’t hear people say just a simple “Please” or “Thank you.”

Our Mom and Dad

Your manners say a lot about you more than you realize.. It defines who you are as a person. Your character, kindness, how you were brought up, caring, politeness, and the list goes on. Manners is basically the consideration for the feelings of others.

With great manners, it doesn’t matter your education level, your wealth status, your social circle, etc. You can be who you want to be without people having a clue on the lack of education you’ve had, what type of position you hold at your job, what circle of group you run with, etc. ┬áHaving fine manners can make a person beautiful.

Don’t forget to mind your manners this weekend if you’re staying at a friend’s house, going to a bbq or even hosting a party.