I recently went to my first Wanderlust Festival held on Oahu’s North shore, Turtle Bay Resort. During a press meeting there, I got to meet Bianca Jade from Mizzfit. She is a beautiful, fitness fashion trend blogger that makes you want to get off the couch and do a ton of push-ups. She has been on The Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda, hangs with Jillian Michaels and hits the red carpet at fitness events. Let’s just say she’s got the beauty, brains and bod.

Meet Bianca Jade from Mizzfit…


Tell us about Bianca Jade…How did St. Louis girl get to the big apple?

Let’s not rehash the past, haha! But in all seriousness, I was living with my boyfriend in London where I was finishing up a post-grad program in creative advertising when he found out that his work was transferring him to New York City. I loved London and didn’t want to leave but I’m a sucker for love, so we packed our bags and relocated to NYC. Three weeks later we broke up and that was the beginning of a totally new side of me.

How did Mizzfit begin?

On a jog. I was thinking, ‘what the heck do I want to do with my life?’ The name came to me…and then everything else poured out faster than I could control it.

We love that you left corporate world for what truly makes you happy… What was it that made you take the plunge?

In New York City, in advertising, there are tons of layoffs. If a firm loses a client, your job is in the can (especially if you work on that newly lost account). I went through a couple of layoffs during a bad economic time in this city. I worked my butt off and I started to feel it wasn’t worth it to pour my heart into something that could be taken from me in a second. I felt very “disposable” in my industry and felt that my creativity and passion could be put to better use. So I took some time off, worked out a lot and got the courage up to create my dream job. Someone close to me told me: “It you can’t find the job you want, create it!” And I did.


We just got your quarterly box and LOVE IT! Tell our readers all about it and what they can find in this surprise full of goodies every 3 months.

My Style Up 2 Shape Up Box is a subscription-style box that I curate for this awesome company called Quarterly Co. It’s literally a box packed with my favorite and most recommended fitness products and trends of the season. Every box has a theme that the products inside correspond to. For instance, one box was called “Pack a smart bag for a killer workout,” and what subscribers found inside was a designer gym bag with stylish essentials to keep inside that bag to maintain a great fit look and workout routine. Fitness can get boring if you don’t spice things up and that’s what my Style Up 2 Shape Up Box is all about. My favorite part is that each box costs $50 but delivers over $100 worth of value. I love giving my subscribers a deal on top of new motivation to work out!


What’s your favorite gym in NYC and why? Any classes you’re just dying to tell us about?

My favorite gym is the outdoors. I love running and exercising in beautiful weather. Spring and Summer are my favorite times in New York City for this. I’m about to start one of my favorite outdoor bootcamps this month called Spring Training with celebrity trainer Holly Rilinger. I expect to be ripped after a month of it!

What is the hottest fitness trend that you’re currently seeing?

In fitness fashion, it’s Crop Tops! I’m seeing them worn to expose tight bellies but also layered over longer tanks. Personally I like the Fame inspired sweatshirt crops the best!

Who is your biggest inspiration and why?

My friend Paul Nichols because when he found out he had terminal bone marrow cancer he decided to turn his misfortune into something amazing. He founded Team Continuum, a victims of cancer fund-raising team for which I ran a handful of marathons. Paul always told me I was unstoppable and he made me feel very empowered at a time when I most needed to hear it. People like that are really special. When he died I was beyond devastated. I will never forget that day. A little piece of me died with him but his spirit lives with me today.

I think it’s safe to say that we go through ups and downs with workouts aka fat periods… HA! How do you stay motivated to constantly keep up with fitness? Any tips?

I schedule my workouts on Sunday nights for the entire week coming up. I pay for the studio classes in advance and often lay out my workout clothes for the next day. I lock myself into committing to the workout as much as possible. Once it’s on my iCal, it’s happening! But I think creating a fun/stylish lifestyle out of fitness is what keeps it entertaining enough for me to want to keep committing to it. The workouts I choose, the clothes I wear and the people I sweat with are all connected to trends I love and which inspire me.


It’s a Saturday night in NYC, what is Bianca Jade doing?

Bianca is mad lame. She is watching Wolf of Wall Street On Demand (while eating gluten-free takeout). Why am I writing in the 3rd person? Bianca definitely needs to get out more!

We are major foodies, any favorite restaurants in the city?

Tons! Right now I’m loving this teeny Oyster bar called Virgola NYC. Everything about it is unique and intimate. It’s the perfect date spot.

Since we love to travel, we love to ask everyone their favorite travel destination. Where is yours?

Mine is O’ahu, Hawaii. I loved how easy it was to vacation there. I loved the food, the people and just the laid back quality of life. It was the one place where I truly felt like I was on vacation and where every time I gasped when I looked out at the ocean. I’d move there. Funny, didn’t I meet you there 😉

Um, you’re gorgeous, let us in on what’s in your makeup bag!

Wow, I’m flattered! Thank you! Unless I’m going to somewhere fancy, I keep my makeup routine pretty simple and more natural looking. My favorite beauty products are by Chantecaille. I love their loose powder and use every single foundation they sell but this tinted moisturizer is my fave because it gives me a nice color with SPF protection and feels exceptionally light on my skin. I’ve been using Stila eye shadows and Nars bronzers/blushes for years, but I think the staples for me are a good primer and lots of Qtips. I like a smooth canvas and lots of “erasers” in case I mess up!!!

What can we see from you in the future?

A video series where I interview a range of today’s most interesting celebrities and personalities about their fitness quirks and how they view health. Because not everyone works out the same way and a lot of people who you don’t expect to work out actually do! Also, my dream in the not so distant future is to become a wellness or lifestyle tv host on a regularly broadcasted show. So I’m constantly working on making that vision happen 🙂

Thanks so much for letting us in, Bianca! Can’t wait to see more from you in the future.

Visit her website at Mizzfit.com to see the latest fitness trends, interviews and more.