Designers Rona Bennett & Lan Chung of 


Meet the two beauties behind Fighting Eel, one of our favorite local designers. We love how you can go from day to night in their comfortable, simple and stylish threads. Each outfit can be worn with slippers (flip-flops) or heels and has the perfect blend of sexiness to them. Perfect for us jetsetters! Visit for more info.

What inspired you to start a clothing line?

FE:  At the time we were roommates. We both worked at a French clothing store, Agnes b. in Ala Moana. When they decided to close the store we knew we didn’t want to work at the mall anymore and we both loved fashion,  so we started the line.

How did you come up with the name, fighting eel?

FE:  That is a secret!

Do you plan on expanding your line? 

FE:  Yes, we are just launching a new resort line called Ava Sky named after Lan’s daughter. We have two boutiques (one in Kailua and one downtown) and are thinking about opening a third if we can find the right location.

What makes your line so unique from others? We love that it’s made in PARADISE!

FE:  I think we really understand our customer. They want comfort, they want to feel confident, they want to be stylish without being trendy, and they want to look amazing. We design for them and it really is our biggest strength. We also have some of the most awesome and loyal customers! We are really lucky.

 Can people who live outside of Hawaii purchase fighting eel and if so, where?

FE:  Yes, they can go to our website and shop, or they can check out our Facebook and call the girls at the store for help. We actually have a lot of mainland customers that do this. It is like having a personal shopper. Our girls are awesome and they will really try to help you find what is right for you.

Any celebs that we know that have been spotted wearing your line?                                                                                                                        

FE:  Yes, our favorite is Rachel McAdams.  Lan is a big Notebook fan (or maybe a big Ryan Gosling fan would be more accurate)

What is a fashion must-have for your daily wardrobe?

FE:  For clothes, every day is a different story; it totally depends on our mood. But I’m really into organic skin care so I’d have to say L’huile de Grace facial serum from Le Sanctuaire in San Francisco. It makes my skin glow and it smells like heaven. For Lan I’m going to have to say, blush. She has got great skin and doesn’t need any makeup, but she still will put a little blush on. And we both have glass water bottles with us at all times!


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