We recently caught up with the beautiful sisters behind pearl. love. jewelry. A collection of handcrafted jewelry featuring Tahitian pearls strung on custom leather cord that reflects the natural beauty of the ocean and earthy elements. They are so awe-inspiring you’ll instantly be transported to the sea. Their pieces are so simple and chic, yet making these exotic treasures stand out from any arm party we’ve ever seen.

Let’s meet them and be sure to enter the pearl. love. jewelry + island fever sisters giveaway…


IFS:  How did you get started?

Pearl. Love:  We got started by accident, really. We have always been pretty crafty and we liked the idea of Tahitian pearls strung on leather as an ultra glamorous beach accessory, so we made some for ourselves and our friends that owned a shop in Montauk, New York. They literally bought it off our backs. The more requests we got, the more styles we made, and before we knew it, we were a full-fledged jewelry business.

IFS:  Where did you get your inspiration and why pearls?

Pearl. Love:  Gosh, our inspiration comes from everything! Nature, the ocean, the sky, patterns, textures, different cultures and a whole lot of Pinterest-ing. We love the idea of taking something that has a sort of stuffy image, like pearls, and remixing it to make it cool and funky.


IFS:  We love that you both are sisters like we are! How are you both similar and what are your biggest differences?

Tara:  We have both been beach lovers since we were really young and always loved doing things outside together. People have told us our whole lives that we look like twins (we’re not), but we don’t think so! We have very different personalities and have had such different life experiences between high school and now. These differences work for us with the business because we bring different views and experiences to the table.

Emily:  Similarities: We both have wild hair and a dry sense of humor! In all seriousness, we both have professional backgrounds that are completely unrelated to jewelry (I am a lawyer) and I think we both have utilized many of those professional skills in the running of the business of pearl. love. Differences: Tara is much more outgoing than I am, especially when it comes to making new connections with people, but I am probably less reserved once you do know me.

IFS:  We love to travel together, do you guys travel together and if so, what’s your favorite spot you’ve been to?

Pearl. Love:  We’ve traveled together throughout the US, including the Hawaiian Islands, and the Caribbean but I think our favorite spot is probably the north shore of Oahu. Years ago, after many Hawaiian vacations, we spent a month together on the north shore experiencing life in the Aloha State and we were hooked! Emily moved there not long after and it’s still Tara’s favorite vacation spot.

IFS:  What would be your favorite style that you’ve been sporting lately?

Tara:  Well, I love a good arm party, so I’ve been wearing a double strand bracelet (style seventeen) with macramé and shambala bracelets in a rainbow of colors all summer and I’m still loving those styles. For fall, I’ve switched to the style fifteen double strand bracelet and to macramé and shambala bracelets in darker and more neutral colors.


Emily:  I live and die by my four-strand bracelet (style sixteen).


IFS:  Do you have a special beauty tip to share? We are all about trying something new!

Tara:  I’ve been trying to use the least harmful, most natural beauty products that I can find that actually work. My favorites are Pangea Organics skincare products and Acure shampoo and conditioner. My skin and hair are doing so well with them, which proves to me that parabens, SLS, and the other harmful chemicals in my old products aren’t necessary.


Emily:  Lucas’ Papaw Ointment is Australian ointment made from Papaya. I use it as lip balm, but can work magic on pretty much anything! I am also obsessed with Caudalie Divine Oil on my face and swear by a less is more hair washing policy.


IFS:  What’s your favorite project that you’ve worked on together?

Pearl. Love:  Starting our own business from scratch. It’s been a roller coaster ride from the beginning but we love it!

IFS:  What can we see from you sisters in the future? Any fun collaborations?

Pearl. Love:  We’ve been keeping busy working on a few different projects. We’re really excited about the Sophie Grace Maui Bangle Bar collaboration, where you build your own bangle with pearls, charms, seashells, crystals, and gems from pearl. love., Sophie Grace Maui, and Rockabella Jewels. The Bangle Bar is now open at the Sophie Grace store in Paia, on Maui, and available on Etsy. We’ve also worked with the inspiration and lifestyle website, Sutra Lifestyles, to develop an exclusive bracelet for the ocean loving girls out there. Look for a giveaway with them soon! We’ve got a couple other great collaborations and giveaways coming, as well, so definitely keep checking in on our Instagram page for details!

IFS:  What is a typical day for you sisters at Pearl. Love?

Tara:  Haha, there’s no such thing as a typical day for me. I work at my own pace, and on any day could be doing a variety of things – managing our accounting, posting to social media, making jewelry, responding to emails, shipping orders … The constantly changing nature and ability to work around other commitments is one of the things I love most about our business. We work around the time difference between Virginia and Hawaii and touch base most days, with regular weekly business calls.

Emily:  I definitely have a typical day! I am very much a creature of routine. I am up around 6 every morning, have two espresso shots while reading email, perusing social media, and getting the Cliff’s Notes on the news from my husband. I start the day with a run, swim, surf, or yoga session, followed by a smoothie, then work. I always answer emails and return phone calls first, followed by packing and shipping any immediately outgoing shipments. I spend the majority of each day drilling pearls, making jewelry, and designing and prototyping future collections. I eat lunch at exactly noon everyday, followed by two more shots of espresso. A few times a week, I do a post office/bank run a little later in the day. I am training for a marathon, so most nights I have a longer run, then dinner and down time. I usually cap off the night cruising Pinterest for inspiration. Lights out by 10 p.m. Not exactly a thriller, but works for me!

IFS:  Tell us some of your obsessions at the moment.

Tara:  Free People every day, my online wish list is constantly growing … Pearl Jam, I just went to their concert, which has reignited my love for the band … the new Flash Tattoos that I got to design that I layer with my pearls … I’m obsessed with and love jewelry, I like to layer pearl. love. with my other fave lines, which includes Soulmakes Jewelry, a beautiful line of bohemian jewelry by a good friend … this amazing new store I just discovered near me called Coco Blanca, I didn’t have much time to shop but still managed to walk out with a big bag of goodies and a mental list of what I want to buy next … and when I’m in Haleiwa, I like to hit up Kono’s for breakfast and Haleiwa Bowls for lunch, shop at Guava, then spend the rest of my time at the beach. It’s Fall here and the cold temperatures are making me want to escape to Hawaii right now!

Emily:  Vintage Levi’s, Stone Cold Fox, Men’s Technomarine watches, Vita Fede, Acacia Bikinis, neon striped Mexican blankets, calf hair leopard print anything I can get my paws on. Layered gold necklaces. Semi-sheer T’s and tanks by James Perse. Panama hats, Pellegrino with lime, Café Maharani on King Street in Honolulu. The Patagonia Catalogue. Bob Marley Songs of Freedom Box Set, the Keith Richards autobiography, unpolished fingernails, old Mercedes Benzes.

IFS:  We love your line, what can we see in the coming months from you ladies?

Pearl. Love:  Thank you!! We’re working hard on our next collection, which will be released in early 2014. It will be a collection of our favorite existing styles and brand new designs, in both the leather and nylon cord. We can’t wait to release these new and unique designs, and to start offering rings!

Now what you all have been waiting for…

So excited that Pearl. Love. is offering this fab giveaway and here’s your chance to win one of our favorites, the Pink Shambala Bracelet (Value of $200 on shoplatitude.com).


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Good Luck! XX

*UPDATE* The winner of the pink shambala pearl. love. bracelet iss @anniemo68! Congrats and hope you enjoy this lovely bracelet. Thank you to everyone who entered. It was such a fun giveaway and loved reading all the comments on your favorite thing about fall! Please stay tuned for more exciting giveaways. XX