We recently caught up with the two sisters from ROARKE NYC, one of our favorite accessories that are a show-stopper in itself.

roarkesisters {Laetitia and Selina- sisters of ROARKE NYC}

They first started with their signature scarf necklace (Both seen on us) and have expanded to different styles that now include bracelets, headpieces and kaftans. Their beautiful pieces are hand-beaded and made to order using different textiles and embroidery from various parts of the world.


cindyroarke {Cindy wearing ROARKE NYC Clichy Bib Necklace}

kathyroarke {Kathy wearing ROARKE NYC Clichy Bib Necklace}

 Let’s meet Laetitia and Selina from ROARKE NYC…

Tell us about ROARKE NYC. How was it born?

ROARKE was born in 2009 when Laetitia was a buyer at Bergdorf Goodman in NYC. She wanted to leave the corporate world and start her own company. She has always been an true believer that accessories make an outfit, and growing up ½ in France, the scarf is a major accessory, so the idea of the scarf/ necklace was born et voila!!.

We love that you are a sister team like we are. Where did you girls grow up and are you both living in NYC?

We actually grew up on a farm in Middleburg Virginia. It’s beautiful horse country surrounded by rolling hills, very idyllic. It was a great childhood. Growing up in the country you really become very close with your family. We are incredibly lucky in that sense. Our mother is French so we also grew up spending all our summers at my grandparents in Paris and Normandy. We both feel very at home in France as well. Now, sadly we are not in the same place. Selina and her husband live in Amsterdam and Laetitia and her fiancé live in NY.

What are your beauty must-haves?

Selina’s is aquaphor, and Laetitia’s is YSL purple mascara

What has been your favorite travel spot?

Favorite is hard. Most recent, is Lake Como in Italy which was beautiful and Marrakesh in Morocco which was very stimulating. Our other sister lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina, so we have spent a lot of time there. It’s a beautiful and HUGE country.

How is it working together as sisters? Do tell! 😉

No one else in the world I would want to work with. We balance each other out very well creatively and organizationally. I think that since as sisters you have such a deep love and respect for the other, it drives you to succeed because you want nothing more than for them to succeed as well.

Where do you find your inspiration?

Everywhere. I think that inspiration is in your state of mind. We travel a lot so inherently we are inspired by different cultures and styles as well.

When was the moment that you knew the brand made it in the jewelry and accessories world?

We were incredibly excited to be in WWD when we first launched. That was a good start!

Tell us some of your favorite style icons and why?

Our grandmother, the Countess de Marrotte de Montigny. She has always been the most stylish person I’ve known. She understands the power of accessorizing and mixing and always looks put together.

Any favorite celebs spotted wearing ROARKE NYC?

Seeing Jessica Biel in US weekly was pretty cool. She bought it off the website!

What is a typical day at the office for ROARKE NYC?

Skype, skype, skype!!! Good thing it’s free 😉

Any dream collaborations?

Huge dream would be Givenchy. More attainable dream, would be to work with the CFDA and partner with up and coming designers.

What can we see from you ladies in the future?

Bags are the number 1 thing that will be coming at you in the next few weeks. We have finally mastered what we think everyone will love.

Thank you to the sisters from ROARKE NYC for this one-on-one interview! Be sure to check out their sample sale that they are currently having on their website. Click here. 

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