Happy Monday! Living in Hawaii, I’m always doing something outdoorsy whether it’s being at the beach, going for a walk, hiking, etc. I love finding pieces that are so versatile that can take me from being in the outdoors to running a quick errand looking chic and fresh.

When I have just a short time frame for a quick workout, I love having a go-to outfit so that I don’t have to think about what I need to wear to my next destination. (Grocery shopping, post office, the mall, etc.) I love this BloqUV Cover up dress, because I can quickly wear it over a swimsuit or sports bra and the ruching drawstring allows me to wear this at various lengths as a top or even a dress. The beauty about this cover up is that it has 50+UPF sun protection, so while I’m in the outdoors, I’m also getting the sun protection I need, including my hands with the elongated sleeves. The material is so soft, you’ll want to wear it any chance you get.

For shoes, if it’s not a full-blown workout and need to be somewhere, I don’t like to wear heavy, bulky running shoes. I like to be light on my feet and look polished on the go. Brooks Running makes the best running shoes and I love that they have a lightweight shoe that looks a bit old school vintage from their Heritage Collection, Vantage. Denim on denim is making a big fashion statement and love that these shoes are in tune with the current trend. They are so comfortable and chic, you can wear it with a dress, shorts or jeans. Wearing white really makes it pop out!

What do you think of this look?



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Location // North Shore

White BloqUV Cover up // Solescapes

Denim Vantage Shoes // Brooks Running

Sunglasses // Wear Ellison

Photographer // Kenji Croman


P.S. How much did you love Mana’s smiley face?