We’re so excited to announce that we are having a baby girl!! We found out a few weeks ago and honestly, I could have been happy with either or, as long as the baby is healthy. A week ago, we went in for the anatomy scan and I was so nervous. This is where they look at all of your baby’s organs in 3D to make sure he/she has all four heart chambers, legs, arms, liver, kidney, brain, no cleft lip, the list goes on… They check for deformities and make sure your baby measures where he/she should be at. It was so neat to see our baby in 3D closing and opening her fist, opening her mouth and moving around like crazy. She’s healthy and extremely active! We did get a 3D photo of our growing baby girl, but we are going to keep that private for us and our family.


With my growing bump and almost 6 months pregnant now, I’m feeling great and just getting so excited to meet baby K. You know your belly is getting big when people used to go from staring at your boobs to now staring at your bump. Haha!

Now that we know the gender, it’s so fun to start shopping for baby clothes. Cindy was so sweet and is already spoiling her niece with her first pair of designer shoes from Tod’s. How cute are they!? Can’t wait for her to wear them. (Thank you to Auntie Cindy for always being so fashionable)


If you’re a new mom or soon-to-be mommy, I would love to hear from you. Sometimes researching things can be overwhelming like what is the best car seat, stroller, crib, breastfeeding pump, etc. Just recently, I’ve become a contributor for Mom’s Magazine, so I will definitely be posting some interesting articles for you moms out there.