This review has been a long time coming… Sleep these days is worth more than gold to us. Not just for us, but even for baby. When Kaia began the rolling over stage, she would sometimes wake herself up or even put us on edge when she was asleep. We could never be at ease or relax, because we were always checking up on her and putting her on her back instead of tummy sleeping. (We were always concerned of SIDS)

We then heard of Reste Safe Sleep by Baby Boom, a unique sheet-like wrap that goes around the crib mattress (adjustable to different sizes) that secures baby on his/her back without restricting movement. The Velcro makes it convenient to secure and remove her at any time and allows the arms to move freely.

This has been a HUGE sleep saver for both baby and us!! We highly recommend this to every parent going through that rolling over stage to keep baby in place, without tummy sleeping, rolling over and helps reduce the risk of limb entanglement, which we’ve experienced a couple of times before using Reste.

Kaia now gets more of a deep sleep and she likes the comfort it gives her almost like her swaddle would. It gives us such a peace of mind knowing that she’s always sleeping on her back and not her tummy. It’s super easy to setup and great for babies 0 to 9 months. This works with slumber sacks and swaddlers too.

If you are going through this stage, please take my advice and try this. Parenting is such a hard role in itself, that this really puts you at ease. This also makes a great gift for any parents-to-be.

You can find this at Babiesrus.com for $29.99.