I’m so excited to be celebrating my first Mother’s Day this year and had to share the perfect gift gadget for moms-to-be. At night, I love to wind down before bed and put on my bellybuds on my tummy to have a little bonding time with Baby K. (Still thinking of a name that starts with K…) 🙂  It’s a safe, baby bump sound system which includes a specialized pair of speakers that gently adheres to the belly to play music and voices to a baby in the womb. They say that your baby develops hearing at about 20 weeks and memories at 30 weeks. Researchers show that babies recognize and are soothed by sounds initially heard in the womb.

belly buds-3

I love the fact that it comes with split connectors, so that I’m able to plug in my headphones as well and listen to what the baby hears. Bellybuds offers a variety of music from Mozart for Mother and Child to Pop Tunes for Pregnancy. I just play my classical baby lullaby station on Pandora, which is relaxing and calming. This time allows me to have a nightly bonding session and get ready for a good night sleep as well, perfect for both mommy and baby! It’s very discreet, so you could even be on the go.

belly buds

The deluxe version includes Bellybuds speakers, two pairs of reusable adhesives, an audio splitter, storage pouch and premium access to voice share. It’s compatible with Apple, Android, and Windows devices, among others.

belly buds-2

If you know someone having a baby soon, this would make the perfect Mother’s Day gift. It retails for $49.99 at bellybuds.com. You can also purchase them at the following retailers:


Bed Bath & Beyond



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