As a new mommy, I’m going to start doing reviews of baby products and sharing my thoughts with all of you. I know a lot of my friends and readers are mommy’s themselves, so I hope you find this helpful as I’ve been doing a ton of research on the best products out there for our little Kaia Sage.

The first review is the most important purchase new parents will make for their lil precious cargo… an infant car seat! Did you know that 3 out of 4 car seats are not used properly? Crazy right?! With a ton of research, we got the new GB Asana35 rear-facing infant car seat that’s been in development and testing at world class consumer product safety commission-approved lab. It was easy to install, gives us the peace of mind that it’s safe, lightweight and offers a sleek design for any chic parents on the go.


The three-part FirmFit System (FirmFit Arm, Harness and Load Leg) is to ensure a secure fit every time:

–       FirmFit Arm tightly secures the base to the car, with less effort

–       FirmFit Harness offers a no-fuss fit, by pulling a strap to ensure proper harness position, even as the baby grows, and offers constant side impact protection

–       FirmFit Load Leg helps protect the baby’s head, neck and spine, by preventing the seat from moving forward in a crash



There is an infant insert that comes with it and is required for smaller infants weighing 4-6 lbs (perfect for preemie babies) and optional from 6-10 lbs. For the past 2-1/2 weeks of using it with Kaia, we’ve been using it with the insert, but noticed her legs get a big squished, so we will be taking out the insert as she weighs 9.3 lbs. (Yes, she’s a big baby!)

When installing the base, be sure to check your vehicle owner’s manual first to see exactly where the car seat should go and how it should be installed as every car, make and model are different. It works with either LATCH or seat belt installation. We really like the load leg feature to ensure the base is extra secure. This has been used in the European car seat market for years and GB is the first ones to introduce this to the U.S. market. With an adjustable height, this option can be removed. It even fits in our back seat center position. On the back of the base, you can see if the base is angled properly with its recline indicator. For 4-20 lbs it should be in the blue indicator, for 20-35 lbs it should in the green indicator and never in the red.



Another great feature is that the FirmFit Harness and the headrest move together with just pulling the front strap for the side impact protection even when your baby grows. No fuss whatsoever!



I like that it’s 9 lbs and not as heavy as other car seats can be and easy to carry with the ergonomic handle that fits in the crook of your arm. My only complaint is that the canopy doesn’t fully cover Kaia’s face when the sun is shining. Other than that, I highly recommend this car seat and you can get it in conjunction with one of the GB strollers for a travel system. The fabric is very easy to clean and washable! (Kaia had her first blow out diaper in her car seat yesterday- it was a mess! Thank goodness I had an extra pair of clothes for her, although I need to pack one for myself for the future)


Weight limits: rear-facing, 4-35 pounds

Price: $230

Colors: Fusion (shown) and Sterling

Where to buy:

** This week is child passenger safety week. Click here to find out where you can get your car seat inspected in your city. 



  • Read the manual.
  • Rear face to the max of your seat or the age of 2.
  • Chest clip at armpit level.
  • Pinch test to check for too much slack in harness.
  • Install using LATCH or seatbelt. Seat should not move more than an inch.
  • Never use an expired seat or one with an unknown history.
  • Only clean straps with mild soap and damp rag.
  • No puffy coats or swaddle inside the straps.
  • Never use any aftermarket products with your seat.
  • Harness position- rear facing at or below shoulders. Forward facing at or above shoulders.