Hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend and enjoyed those last days of summer. Cindy left her hustle and bustle island for Oahu (another hustle and bustle island) and it was an island fever sisters reunion for sure. Whenever we get together, it’s just like being kids all over again.

The weekend consisted of a lot of sand in the okole (butt in Hawaiian) and eating like there was no tomorrow. This was our weekend schedule: Sun worshiping, eating, sun worshiping, eating, sun worshiping… EATING. Ugh.

Here are some fun photos of this past weekend in Lanikai. We managed to find a little pocket of our own slice of heaven. Lanikai beach has gotten way too crowded and overpopulated. I guess that would happen after it has been named #1 beach in the world…

LANIKAI Lanikai3 Lanikai1 Lanikai2 ONE-PIECE SWIMWEAR | PilyQ and Everything But Water

BLACK BIKINI | ViX Paula Hermanny

Photographer: Kenji Croman; gokenji.com