Growing up with a Korean mother, we were taught about skincare at a very young age. It was such a pain applying the usual 9-step process that many Korean woman instill in their daily beauty regimen, but as we have gotten older, we now know why our mother looks like she’s our sister. Let’s just say, Korean woman know a thing or two about beauty…

Speaking of K-beauty, MEMEBOX, the world’s #1 Korean beauty e-commerce retailer is offering the most sought-after, on-trend beauty products from Korea to stateside. MEMEBOX immediately delivers the newest and hottest products straight from Korea to your doorstep. How amazing is that?! This isn’t your traditional subscription-based program. You can choose different themed boxes to suit your needs. They are all pretty amazing at an affordable price!


We recently had the pleasure of unboxing MEMBOX Collaboration #3 with Coffee Break with Dani. Dani is a sensational YouTube Beauty Vlogger and she wanted to create this box filled with a classic skincare and make-up must-haves. Talk about a beauty fun of surprises.


With 8 products at a value of $219, this amazing curated box is ONLY $23.

Checkout all the products we got in this great collab box:


1. MIGUHARA B.P Cream 30ml Full size product: 30ml ($37)

This dual-function cream serves both as a BB cream as well as a primer. It keeps skin silky and even-toned, while controlling excessive sebum through its oil-free formula. (One of our favorites- Leaves skin so silky and FLAWLESS!)

2. KOCOSTAR Nail Therapy 4g Full size product: 1 box ($17) 

The Kocostar Nail Therapy was created to provide a simple solution to maintaining healthy nails. In order to prevent the nail essence from drying up, the accompanying nail gloves were developed to help prevent contact with surrounding air. This allows nails to thoroughly absorb all the nutrients in the essence, resulting in softened cuticles and strengthened nails. (Healthy nails are a sign of healthy beauty. This instantly makes your nails strong and cuticles moisturized.)

pakage nails

3. DEWYTREE Ginseng Nutritious Black Tea Mask 30g Full size product: 30g ($3)

A nutritious facial mask containing medicinal ginseng root extracts and ginkgo bioba leaf extracts for treating darkened and dry skin. It soothes, nourishes, and brightens skin while improving elasticity and firmness.

4.  HANSKIN Bio Origin Royal Ampoule BB SPF30 PA++ 4.5ml Full size product: 35ml ($54)

Hanskin’s famous Royal Ampoule BB cream is packed with nutrients from royal jelly extracts. The light and smooth texture glides over your skin when applied, leaving a visibly silkier and brighter complexion.

5. GOLDEN GLOVE Exfoliating Gloves 1 pair Full size product: 1 pair ($22)

This is the perfect pair of gloves to exfoliate all dead skin cells from your body! Feel the difference instantly.

6. PRIORI Aroma AC Moisture Gel Mist 100ml Full size product: 100ml ($22)

Enriched with bee venom, propolis, sophora roots, balloon flower roots, and Multi EX Magnotics, the Aroma AC Moisture Gel Mist helps soothe and treat skin troubles and blemishes. The lavender aroma essential oil is also infused for soothing and purifying both your skin and soul. (Feels so refreshing on the face!)

7. CHAMOS ACACI Snail Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream 30ml Full size product: 30ml ($19)

Chamos Acaci’s Snail Repair Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream significantly improves the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and dark circles around the eyes by forming a protective layer of moisture on the skin. Arbutin, adenosine, peptides, vitamins and collagen combine to accelerate the collagen production and renewal of skin tissue. This significantly decreases the generation of wrinkles, restores skin elasticity, and mitigates dark circles and swelling around the eye areas.

8. NUGANIC Customized Sunblock SPF50 PA+++ 40ml Full size product: 40ml ($45)

3-in-1 sun protection with brightening and anti-wrinkle properties, this lightweight sun protection protects your skin while enhancing your complexion. It also rms up your skin with only a single application.


Now tell us this isn’t THEBOMB.COM? We were so excited to share the news with you on how to get all the latest beauty trends that are hot in Korea. Checkout some of their other boxes that they have and continue to look out for more style and beauty collaborations they have in the future.

It’s worth every penny! We are looking forward to many more of these K-beauty boxes delivered to our doorstep so we can look half as good as our mother.

Visit and let us know which box you end up with!