It’s almost the weekend and just wanted to give you a quick Italian word of the day lesson for your weekend cheers. Can you tell I miss practicing the 5 words I learned in Italy? Ha!

My husband and I had an embarrassing moment when his family took us out for cocktails on the rooftop of The Westin in Florence. (Amazing views of the entire city, so a must if you visit for sunset cocktails) As we get our drinks and about to clink glasses, my husband and I are the first ones to say Salute (Sah-Loot) thinking we said it right and know how to say cheers the proper way. We then hear the rest of the family say Sah-Loot-eh. It was a moment where my husband and I wanted to huddle together and laugh, but didn’t want to make it obvious that we effed up. Yeah, you could say we were a bit embarrassed thinking we knew how to say cheers in Italian. From that point on, we made sure to say it right, but thank goodness for that moment or else we would have been traveling for the next 3 weeks saying Sah-Loot.

So, when you’re clinking glasses this weekend and want to practice a little Italian, throw in a little Sah-Loot-eh into the mix.

Have a great weekend!






Location // Chianti, Italy

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