We caught up with Carrie Baker and Bouna Choe, the two fabulous ladies behind Sartorial Twins.

If you’re in the market to revamp that closet of yours or simply just don’t have the time to do your holiday shopping, leave it in the hands of these two beauties.

Their mission is to serve all of your fashion needs as efficiently and effectively as possible – whether they are personal styling, product locating, wardrobe editing, personal shopping or anything in between.

Checkout our exclusive interview with them…

IFS: How did this concept come about with you two? It’s brilliant, considering it seems that people’s lives are so hectic these days.

ST: We were introduced at a time when we had the same ambitions for our futures. We decided to join forces, as our backgrounds complemented each other. We both feel that it is so much easier to attain success when you feel good about yourself because it brings confidence. We like to help people get in touch with their own style at the same time saving them time, money and making their lives easier. We realized there was a void for a service like ours and that’s how Sartorial Twins was born!

Co-Founder of Sartorial Twins, Bouna Choe

IFS: You both have an extensive fashion background. How is it working in the fashion industry?

ST: The fashion world is an always changing and fast moving industry, and it’s a tough world out there, but we don’t get caught up in it. We come from complimentary fashion backgrounds (Carrie has experience in merchandising, mens fashion and fine jewelry and Bouna specializing in wholesale and retail for womens and kids) and bring different experiences and knowledge to the table. We have also formed great relationships along the way, which has been vital in our new venture.

Co-Founder of Sartorial Twins, Carrie Baker

IFS: You’re offering personal shopping to your clients that are too busy to shop or try to avoid the herd during the holiday season. What seems to be on everyone’s wish list this year? This would be perfect for men since they avoid shopping.

ST: With the cold weather we are seeing a lot of lux cashmere and amazing jackets on everyone’s wish list. Also, during the holiday season we have been shopping quite a bit for clients that need the perfect outfit to wear for all the holiday parties.

IFS: Looking at your prices, it’s quite reasonable! Starting at $200 for a min. of 2 hours. What all other services do you offer?

ST: Aside from Personal Shopping, we have been extremely successful with our ‘Closet Clarify’ service. This is exactly what it sounds like… we go into your closet and clarify any ill fitting or out of date items then reorganize your closet so it makes sense and so items are easy to find. We also offer other services from event styling and even a service called ‘Pack it Up’ which is for the person that is too busy to pack for a trip or simply does not know what to pack. To see a full list of our services and descriptions, please see our website www.sartorialtwins.com.

Before Closet Clarify

After Closet Clarify

IFS: Out of the services you offer, what’s the most popular service?

ST: Personal shopping, styling, and Closet Clarify!!

IFS: Love that you do event styling as well. It’s perfect for a New Year’s Party that’s coming up. They say Emerald green is the new color of 2013. Have you seen a bump of shopping with this color? If not, what is the color for ringing in the new year?

ST: Colors are always great for a statement anywhere you go, but you have to keep with what looks best for you and what you feel comfortable in. For example, you do not want to wear a pink hue if you are ginger or strawberry haired. Usually this will optimize your pale yet beautiful skin and make a negative contrast. We are more about classic looks rather then trend driven pieces or colors that may go out of style.

IFS: Before you contract a job, do you get to know your client and see what their needs are for a free consultation? How long is usually this process?

ST: Of course! We do a complimentary initial consultation with each new client as the first step, which usually takes about 45 minutes. We take this time to go to our prospective client’s home and go over a thorough list of questions with them ranging from basic information like sizing, to fabric allergies, to style inspiration. We then go through their closet to see what they have, and we can really get a feel for their style.

IFS: On a lighter note, what’s the funniest experience you’ve ever had with a client?

ST: We work with all types of people and really value each clients privacy so we’ll just say that we’ve seen a lot… but what happens with Sartorial Twins, stays with Sartorial Twins 😉

With Christmas just 12 days away and if you still haven’t found the perfect gift for someone, this just might be your lucky ticket. Who doesn’t want a revamped closet for the New Year or even a personal stylist? We always get in the same routine and rut and this is your chance to get out of it and start fresh for 2013!

Sartorial Twins is able to service outside of NYC as well. Great news for us islanders. 😉 Thanks ladies! xx