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If you are anything like we are, we don’t like perfumes that over power you. (like the lady who walks into the elevator and you can’t help but to choke up!) We love scents that are light and still capture a “Wow, what are you wearing?”

That’s exactly what we found with GIVESCENT! The signature scent is one of our favorites and it’s perfect for our jet setting lifestyle as it’s a roll-on ball. It’s a pure oil which has the scent lingering on your skin all day and the wonderful smell of citrus and vanilla. The vanilla is a pure vanilla that is sexy and warm, while the citrus has a freshness to it that balances out the fragrance. GIVESCENT signature was inspired by the first sultry summer days in Italy.

It’s such a captivating scent and all the ingredients are natural and free of alcohol, parabens, sulfates, phthalates and formaldehyde. ┬áThe ingredients are: ┬ápure parfum oil, essential oils and sweet almond oil.

Not only is this a wonderful scent, great as a travel companion, but 5% of the proceeds also go to Women for Women International. We love that when you purchase a bottle, you are helping to support women worldwide!