We refer to the Odacite Pure Elements as the skin cocktails for our face. They offer 18 ultra-targeted skin remedies for results that are remarkable. You can mix the oils and make a recipe targeting what your skin needs; firmness, hydration, pigmentation, blemishes, etc. Each drop is a concentrated dose of vitamins, antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, which are all essential in skin regeneration and detoxification.


skin cocktails | odacite pure elements

Whether your skin type is sensitive, oily, mature, dry or acne-prone, there is a Pure Elements for you. Remember that your skin is always changing from the weather, stress, environment and such, so it’s perfect to have a mixture of oils and make recipes to feed the skin. These powerful skin boosters penetrate deep into the skin and show immediate results, as in overnight…

Whenever we feel a zit coming on, we love to mix a few drops of Black Cumin Cajeput (BI + C) to our moisturizer before Mt. Fuji starts to appear and the next day, wa-lah, it’s barely there and our skin is smoother. For intensive treatment, you can massage a few drops into clean dry skin. This oil is mainly to combat pimples using only the highest-grade cold-pressed certified virgin organic Black Cumin oil, Certified organic Cajeput essential oil, Certified GMO-free Vitamin E oil.

Some of our other favorites include:

Green Tea-Lemongrass (GI + L) | Radiance | $35

First, let us begin to tell you that will LOVE the smell of this… It will immediately restore radiance and skin luminescence. This precious oil is known to be the ancestral beauty secret behind the geishas’ skin radiance.

Wild Carot (C a r) | Vital Glow | $62

This rare and precious Wild Carrot Seed oil is hand pressed in a small French village with the same traditional method used for over 200 years. We know the French woman know beauty, so we had to jump on this. It gives you that J.LO glow for sure.

Pomegranate Rose Geranium (Po + R) | Hydration | $43

This winter has been a tough one for both of us in Hawaii and NYC. The cold has been making our skin dryer than usual and this helps to really nourish and hydrate our skin.

It’s 100% pure plant active, no parabens, petrochemicals, phthalates and fragrance. Vegan and Cruelty Free. 

A few drops is all you need! Once you try them, you will be hooked to making your own skin cocktail! The prices are reasonable for a one month treatment and love that the bottles are travel friendly. Click here to see recipes or purchase them individually.