If you guys have been following my Instagram, you will know that I went on an amazing trip with Spyder Activewear and Shape Magazine two weeks ago. (It was a pinch me moment for sure!) Amie Engerbretson who is a professional skier sponsored by Spyder, hosted us to a fab weekend in her hometown- Squaw Valley. Tahoe was one place that I’ve never been to that I’ve always wanted to visit. Flying in from Honolulu was a trek, but so worth all the planes and automobiles to get to our cabin for the fun-filled, bucket list weekend.

After arriving to our cabin, it was so great to meet my Spyder family, along with another ambassador for Spyder- Susie, Shape Fitness Editor- Sara Angle and finally, Amie. I would be spending the weekend with all these incredible women and was so excited to be inspired. I have to say, I was a little intimidated that I didn’t know how to ski when that was the first agenda on the itinerary. (Yes, beach bunny over here was trying to learn how to be a snow bunny) When I found out that Sara, Shape Fitness Editor had never skied either, all my anxiety went out the window.

Not only is Spyder the best ski wear on the market (Since 1989 the U.S. Ski Team has been wearing Spyder as their official gear), you will see that they are a lifestyle brand that fits into every fitness aspect and I’m here to show you as an ambassador just how it’s great for year-round indoor/outdoor activities throughout my Tahoe trip.


Can you believe it’s May and we are skiing? Squaw Alpine Meadows had so much snow and it honestly was the perfect time to learn how to ski since it was off-season. We had the whole mountain to ourselves! Amie and Maddie (From Spyder) taught Sara and I how to ski, and what better teachers right?! After a few falls, runs and ‘pizza’, I actually got the hang of it. It was the best feeling in the world coming down that kiddie mountain and screaming, “WOOHOO” Haha!

Fueling up on CLIF bars before the slopes

Amie teaching us how to get off the lift.. Stay on the edge of the seat with your poles in one hand, and push off. (Me, Amie and Sara)

Yep- that was a major fail by me on my first attempt. Haha!

Amie teaching me how to ‘pizza’

Oh boy, here I go…

WOOHOO!! I did it!

(Me, Amie, Sara and Maddie)


Just steps away from the slopes, we walked over to Wanderlust Yoga to catch an afternoon yoga class. After a few runs on the mountain, this was a great way to stretch out those muscles. With a beautiful backdrop of the mountains, it’s no wonder this is home to the yearly Wanderlust Festival.


Amie taught a morning bar class at The Bar Effect. Yes, our Amie… That girl has some major super powers and does it all.  I have never done bar before, but was so excited to see what the hype was all about. Bar is an all body workout that lifts your booty, tones your thighs, legs, arms and flattens your tummy by utilizing the bar and using small isometric movements. They say this is the fastest and effective way to change your body. After a 50-minute class, all I can say is, “Wow, where the hell have I been?” It was a good ass kickin’ in a great way and it was so fun! I highly recommend this and now looking for a studio back in Honolulu.


I was excited about this, because I grew up fishing with my dad on his boat. Obviously, this was different than the traditional fishing, but we got to suit up in waders and get in the Truckee River and learn how to fly fish with Gilligan’s Guide Service. (We even had to get a California fishing license for this.) It was definitely meditative and listening to the water is always so soothing, despite catching a fish or not. After 45-minutes of casting in and out, and no fish- we decided to call it a day and enjoy the beautiful afternoon.


With a full day of activities, getting a massage is a must and the only way to unwind. I love that the village has everything to offer and Trilogy Spa is one place where we got to fully indulge in. After skiing and yoga, this was the perfect end to the day.


We ate at so many great little places, that I have to share where to go on your next trip to Tahoe!

Coffeebar- This is such a great place to fuel up on your caffeine and grab a healthy lunch. Their quinoa bowls are a must!

Soupa- If you’re looking for a place to take a break from the slopes, they offer great post-ski healthy meals.

Moody’s- A great place for live music and fine dining.

Avocado quinoa bowl at Coffeebar

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Thanks to Spyder for having me be part of this amazing adventure where I got to check off my bucket list and overcome my fears. I AM #LIMITLESS!

“There is no force equal to a woman determined to rise.”- W.E.B. DUBOIS

*All photos are credited to Court Leve. 

Huge mahalo to our sponsors for the weekend… PHUNKSHUN WEAR | CLIF | MyChelle | ZEAL OPTICS