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Aimee Song Raw Bar Recipe

If you’ve been following my insta stories, you know how addicted I am of Aimee Song’s (Song of Style) raw bars! OH EM GEE they are delicious and a healthy snack too.  I make them often, but with a toddler, I can’t be watching her whole YouTube video on it every single time I want to make them. (I love my girl to pieces, but mama is on a time crunch) I just want to know step-by-step what I need and what I need to do, because I have a foggy mommy brain. I’m sure I’m not the only one out there that feels like this, so I decided to put it on a recipe card. Yes, you can thank me later. 😉

Thanks Aimee for this amazing raw bar recipe! (Her insta stories are one of my favorite to watch, btw!) My husband isn’t into healthy foods like this and he’s a fan of it…Check out my new post: The Facial That Celebs Swear By.