SWIMSUIT: L*Space Positano Dolly Straight Fringe Top // NAILPOLISH: Opi Infinite Shine Unrepentantly Red

Summer has arrived here in Hawaii and we’ve had a lack in trade winds, which makes the weather even that much hotter. Let’s just say when you’re pregnant, the combination of always being hot and scorching hot weather is not so fun. We’ve been hitting the beaches a lot more lately so that I can just float and cool off. And while most woman are getting bikini bod ready and sucking in their tummies at the beach, for once in my life, I’m showing off my big belly on full display in a bikini. (Yes, it feels great not sucking in for once! HA!)

I’ve always thought pregnant woman in a bikini are so adorable and why not show off your baby bump with the world? We all write our own rules right? (Please don’t be that person that shames on pregnant woman’s bodies) Bare it all! Of course being in my third trimester and almost at 31 weeks, I’m not wearing my old bikinis and have had to upsize my swimwear collection.

One of my favorite brands is L*Space and love the fashion-forward, beach chic designs that Monica Wise makes. I love that you can have fun with her pieces and you can mix and match, as that is what I have done. My pre-pregnancy L*Space size used to be a size M in both top and bottom and now I wear a D in her top and L in her bottoms. Just because you’re pregnant, you don’t necessarily need maternity swimwear, just get bigger sizes and still be in trend with the seasons latest.

I’m pictured wearing the Positano Dolly Straight Fringe Top and the Estella Bottom Classic Fit in Electric Coral. L*Space made the fringe tops famous and seen on many celebs. The fringe gives the illusion of an elongated torso and it has boning on the sides to help keep the bandeau in place, which works. The beauty about this bandeau top is that you don’t have to worry about tan lines! I love this vibrant print and of course the name, because Positano is one of the most beautiful places I’ve been to. The Estella is one of their most popular bottoms and has cut-out sides that show off a little sexy hip. The fit is comfortable and are hipster bottoms.

What do you think of this print and style? Hope you all are enjoying the beginning of summer!

Photos by Kenji Croman (My amazing husband)