#BOSSLADY:  Health and Wellness Coach Melissa Wood-Tepperberg

#BOSSLADY: Health and Wellness Coach Melissa Wood-Tepperberg

We recently caught up with the gorgeous mom, model/health and fitness coach, Melissa Wood-Tepperberg on an exclusive interview for our #BossLady series. You might have seen her grace a few pages from Shape, Fitness or Women’s Health magazines or if you follow her on Instagram, she shares her balanced, healthy lifestyle with a touch of glam showing off her luxurious locks that we are all dying to have! She is just one of the many mamas we enjoy following and wondering just how in the world does she do it all? Not only is she a wife and mama to 11-month old Benjamin, she is serious #MomGoals who makes us want to eat a plant-based diet, meditate and do her full body workouts that she just launched on fitner app.