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Yes, spring is here and there’s nothing more we want than looking as if we’ve been kissed by the sun… Bronzers create a healthy glow that we all want without having to visit a beach or getting  the sun damage. Below are 5 golden rules on choosing the right bronzer without looking like oompa loompa.

Don’t Go Near Shimmer

Stay away from the shimmer and stick with matte bronzers. You don’t want to look like you just got back from a sparkle party in broad daylight. Bronzers are meant to look natural with a sun-kissed look. If you do have a shimmered bronzer, apply lightly after the matte bronzer to highlight just above the cheekbone.

Do Know Your Skin Undertone

For pink undertones, wear cool shades and for yellow undertones, wear warm shades. Do not pick shades that are two or three shades darker than your own skin color. Don’t go for the orangey-look. It’s not cute.

Don’t Forget Bared Skin

Avoid the two-toned look. Not only do you need to apply bronzer where the sun would normally hit you naturally (forehead, nose and cheeks), you need to apply bronzer to your jaw line, neck and décolletage. Apply bronzer in a sweeping “W” across your face from hairline to hairline and blend into hairline (the middle tip of the “W” should be at your nose). Use a medium to large brush when applying. Applying too much bronzer can lead to your face looking ruddy or dirty, so be careful.

Do Add Blush

Apply blush over your bronzer in a pink or peach shade to add a nice, healthy glow. It will give it a nice pop of color.

Don’t Forget Skin Type

Choosing the right formulation for your skin type is key. If you’re oily, use an oil-free powder based. If you’re dry, opt to using a cream bronzer.

Above pictured are some of our favorite bronzers. What are some of yours? XX