Let’s face it, when it comes to winter, there is no such thing as getting a natural tan, unless you live in Hawaii. Ha! Even with that, I’ve been really cautious about getting too much sun and the effects it has on my skin. With holiday parties in full gear, I don’t want to show up looking like Casper if you know what I mean… (Legs, arms, face, all the above!) I’ve always liked an instant body bronzer that automatically gives you color, but always had problems finding a product that one, doesn’t look orange and two, doesn’t transfer to my clothing until now.

Ladies (and men), listen up and take notes…

Recently, I’ve discovered the holy grail of instant tanning from James Read Tan called, ‘Wash Off Tan’ (Celebrity Self-Tanning Expert). I’m #OBSESSED with this product and can’t believe I’m just now trying it out. This is perfect for any last minute events or for the girl on the go! It’s a creamy bronze tinted formula that is infused with hydrating Hyaluronic Acid, Anti-ageing Co-Enzyme Q10, Aloe Vera and cell-renewing Red Algae to smooth and soften skin.


I really loved that the product was so easy to apply with his tanning mitt (a must to use with his products) and my hand was free of any stains on the skin. The mitt really helps to apply the tinted product evenly without any streaks or mishaps. Whenever I apply an instant tanner or self-tanner, I ALWAYS exfoliate my body and shave my legs. This technique will make the tan appear smoother and more even toned. I applied this onto dry skin, using long, sweeping strokes and allowed it to dry for a few minutes before dressing. With just one coat, it made me look as if I spent the day at the beach and gave me the perfect sun-kissed tan without looking like Oompa Loompa. The best thing about this product is that it doesn’t transfer onto my clothes, which I’ve never found an instant body bronzer that doesn’t do this and I’m not getting the harmful effects of the sun. It came off easily in the shower just by using soap and water and didn’t even leave a mess in the tub. (Bonus!)




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Bottom line, I LOVE the Wash Off Tan and will always be a beauty must-have for me! If you’re looking for an instant tan, look no further… People will be asking you if you just got back from holiday, it’s that amazing.

TIP: Apply a second coat for a deeper tan. If you need to get your back or hard to reach places, place a wooden spoon inside the mitt and apply the product on.

James Read, Wash Off Tan for Body, $28.

Stay tuned for product reviews of his Sleep Tan Mask for Face and Body, can’t wait to try these! Have you ever tried any of his products? If so, what’s your favorite?