With a lot of fun in the sun over the years, we noticed that our skin has been looking dull and those sun spots are slowly creeping up on us. Our Korean mother has always told us to stay out of the sun and has that perfect porcelain complexion we all dream of. Mothers always know best don’t they? Wished we had listened to her all those years. There’s no reversing now, but there are ways to correct. When it comes to skin care, Asians know a thing or two…

We recently got introduced to a skin care line from Japan called Equitance. It’s a brightening line that uses a balance of botanical ingredients and clinically proven technologies behind their products. Equitance was inspired by the iconic beauty of Japanese women of their clear, bright and radiant skin that has been prized for centuries. In Japan, they have more of a holistic approach on health and beauty. They believe true radiance starts from within of the unity of mind, body and spirit, through exercise, nutrition and wellness-thinking and practices.


Lately, it seems that brightening products have been getting a lot of hype, as everyone wants brighter, clearer skin, so we had to put it to the test and see if it works. With Fall here, we want to make sure our skin glows! Just using it for the past few weeks, we’ve noticed that our skin looks more radiant and brighter. Our dark spots haven’t disappeared… yet, but it said to give it a good 4-6 months to see those minimize. We love that it’s not a retinol prescription, as those can be harsh on the skin that causes redness and dryness. The scent is rather subtle and clean. If you’re looking for more of a natural approach, look no further. This patented technology is so gentle, that even sensitive skin types can use this line.

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What makes this brightening line so great?

It took over 18 years of research and hundreds of ingredients tested to discover the powerful treatments for this delivery system. They found that Linoleic acid, a naturally occurring fatty acid that can be extracted from safflower seed oil to be a clinically proven brightening wonder. With no toxicity and harmless in the body, it helps to diminish the appearance of dark spots and discoloration for a more even tone and texture. Botanicals like Cherry Blossom Leaf Extract, Shell Ginger Extract and Shea Butter are added benefits for this brightening line that help moisturize and hydrate the skin, which is an essential skin barrier for a bright, even toned complexion.

The line consists of 6 products, but only been using the main 4:

*Brightening foaming cleanser $30- It’s a luxurious facial foaming cleanser that cleanses your skin and washes away makeup. You only need less than a dime sized amount as it lathers very well and gives you that fresh, squeaky clean feel without stripping away natural emollients and oils. A little goes a long way! Be prepared to feel so clean, that you won’t be able to stop feeling your skin. Use AM/PM

*Brightening toning lotion $50- After cleansing, apply this to a cotton pad and gently apply all over the face. It’s a refreshing toner that restores your skin’s moisture balance to enhance the complexion. Love that it removes the last traces of dirt and makeup. This instantly adds a glow to your skin eliminating any dullness to the skin. Use AM/PM

*Brightening serum & spot corrector $125- You only need to spot treat the areas of dark spots or areas that are discolored and hyperpigmented. This stuff is amazing just in the few weeks we’ve been using it. It automatically gives your skin a radiant look while it’s working deeper on the layers of your skin to reduce dark spots. Use AM/PM

*Hydrating brightening cream $70- Don’t be alarmed that this is a cream for you non-dry skin types. We have oily skin and this cream is so lightweight that it doesn’t feel heavy or sticky after applying on the skin. This cream works as a moisture lock to keep skin soft and supple and also provides nutrition and hydration. One of the top face creams we’ve ever used. It doesn’t leave you oily hours later either. Use AM/PM

The other two products they have in their line is a sunscreen and radiance dietary supplement.

Just by using these products in the few weeks, we noticed our skin to have a glow with no dullness in sight. We were so excited to see the results in just in a short period of time that we had to rave about it. Our skin is ready for fall and looking radiant just in time for the holidays. Don’t forget now that the season is changing, so should your skin care.

Have you tried any products from Equitance? If so, tell us how you like it!

Visit www.equitance.us.com for more info.