With a European getaway planned, I wanted to look and feel my best. No muffin top, no sucking in my tummy till I can’t breathe and to be truthful, I want to have gelato on the daily without having a few muffin tops. Is it bad that I wanted to lose a few to gain some and not feel so guilty? Ha!

Well, I’m happy to say that I’ve discovered a new cleanse, called the Bikini Cleanse and just finished my 7 days of detox and I actually got to eat on it. Yep! I got to eat real solid food. I will be honest and say that I don’t get on the scale anymore (numbers don’t mean a thing!), so I don’t know exactly how many pounds I lost. I can say that my size 27 jeans fit with a little extra room at the waist and I didn’t even have to shimmy my way to button up those bad boys. To me, that’s a mission accomplished.

Z33A7643 The Bikini Cleanse comes in a beautifully designed box of orange and Tahitian vanilla flavored protein shake powder, raspberry ketone sticks to add to water, a relaxing herbal tea medley and a bikini passport to guide your way through the cleanse. On this cleanse, it’s all about planning your meals. The great thing about it is, they give you a list of approved ingredients that you can only buy and eat from the list. All organic, vegetables and herbs are on the list as they have more nutrients and better for your digestive system. No starch and no fruit. My two best friends… It was extremely painful the first 3 days, but after that, it was smooth sailing.

Z33A7646 They did suggest planning six, 45-minute workouts that make you sweat to get rid of toxins, burn calories and speed up your metabolism. I didn’t have the energy to take a spin class or run, but did my usual yoga which always feels great.

This is what my daily schedule looked like on the Bikini Cleanse:

8 a.m. – Bikini Smoothie

10 a.m. – Bikini Sticks

12 p.m. – Lunch (Salad with wild salmon/ahi or cucumber wrapped in roast beef)

2 p.m. – Bikini sticks

5 p.m. – Yoga

6 p.m. – Dinner (Grilled chicken breast and avocado)

8 p.m. – Bikini Tea

Z33A7649 Overall, I think this was a great cleanse and my tummy is flat and ready to bare a two-piece bikini. Was it hard? Yes and no. Yes, because you have to have will power and no, because they give you the tools you need.

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Visit bikinicleanse.com for more info and they are now offering a introductory offer of $189. All natural, gluten-free, stevia sweet and made here in the U.S.A.

I’m off to celebrate with a huge fruit bowl. Boy, did I miss you!