Have you seem to notice all the craze about BB Creams lately?

That’s what everyone in the beauty industry seems to be talking about. You see it everywhere!

Do you know what it is or what it stands for? We got the scoop on it…

BB Creams

BB Cream is a ‘beauty balm’ that basically does all the fab things all-in-one! Primer + SPF + Moisturizes + Tint

If you’re needing to cut down on your daily skincare/makeup regimen, this might be the perfect way to do so!

The BB Creams first made their mark in Korea and has been around for over 60 years! It’s been so popular, that the beauty industry in the US decided to jump on this popularity. Not only that, but we all know that Asian ladies have the best skin in the world! And yes, we are proud to be KOREAN! 🙂

Our mother has always taught us to take care of our skin, wear spf and stay out of the sun. Maybe this is why people mistaken her for being our sister. She first introduced us to THEFACESHOP Face It Power Protection BB Cream. You put this on and slightly dust powder to set it in place. It looks great and you don’t have to fuss with many products.


With many of the leading cosmetic companies, you will find that they have a BB Cream for you depending on your skin type. Ask for samples and try it out. Make your life simpler and perfect for jetsetting!